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There are two other lakes of local importance: salty Trou Norfolk Metro Map Caiman is located near Etang Saumatre in the semiarid Plaine du Cul-de-Sac east of Norfolk Metro Map Port-au-Prince; Lake Miragoane is a large freshwater body located in the middle of the southern peninsula near the city of the same name. environmental issues Haiti faces a number of environmental problems. Some, such as the devastation inflicted by earthquakes and hurricanes, can be anticipated, but not stopped. Others, such as deforestation and pollution, can be prevented or lessened in their impact. So can desertification, the creation of desertlike conditions through poor land-use practices. Poverty, pollution, and poor land-use practices go hand in hand.

Matt walked past the stage, just beyond the curtains, and discovered the cool draft was more obvious in this area. It didn’t take long to find the culprit was a stage door with a poor seal. With things remaining quiet, Matt called a break.

Our group met up with Melanie’s teams and Bev in the main lobby. I asked how it had gone in the stairwell.

Kat (L) and Melanie (R), in a lighter moment discussing the investigation.

Melanie shrugged and responded with a little laugh. “Lots of stairs. That’s about it.” Bev confirmed it was uneventful. They had remained in the emergency stairwell for some time. Then Wendi suggested they go to the upstairs office. This is the location where the scent of men’s cologne had been smelled and strange scratching noises heard.

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