OFF ROAD RACES Koh Samui Thailand

Hey guys welcome to coast mood weird khufu Thailand for the beginning of my Thai islandhoppper East tour, it’s a nine day tour all around three of the islands here in Thailand.

OFF ROAD RACES Koh Samui Thailand Photo Gallery

So first one Koh Samui which we’re at now. And next up will be koh tao. And after that is ko Penang okay let’s get foot massages now what are your focus on yes how’s the other.

I’m this kind of monkey recalls shocked hey mccartey, you do have two macaque in Thailand between long tail. And sub tails, but a long till one they are too small. And we’re not training them just let them free, but this one the bigger one shot here McCarthy.

And her finger strong. And smart that’s why we trained in the new state mover. So every working man here, you going to train in this wound for a six-month training opportunities in the school the guests.

And became one working monkey cost thirty thousand bar. And this monk is innate in this island because we are bigger than occupation in ultimate island we export about two million who’s not in one month that’s why we need the monkey to be looking at us. So one monkey will give public five father day they can take about thousands are, you father like a cockatoo.

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