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Hello. And hey guys welcome welcome to Windsor Castle yes, this is our first stop on our by tour walk mine my friend Ian Amanda on our fight or date or, it’s kind of a day trip around various parts of England out of London should be good, it’s the first stop the Windsor Castle is the official residence of the royal family yes the royal family has lived here for like over 100 years or, you may be longer oh my goodness there’s a big giant prehistorical rock figure behind me okay Stonehenge everything to the guide operation, but. I’m listening right now, you know Oh ancient okay apparently okay these stones that look stable aren’t actually that stable they fell over a couple times they put them back up, you look at that one over there, it’s got concrete poured into it.

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So yeah they’re not they haven’t always been standing up like this thank the Anderson good info. And the rock came up in about two thousand. And five hundred BC yes pretty incredible considering how prehistoric the people’s lives were back then we’re kind of going the opposite way around Stonehenge because we decided to avoid all the big crowds, it’s actually quite quiet here.

And is really awkward talking this camera because everybody’s listening to their Oh who are, you talking to, you. And then there’s just me talking to my camera cool. So, this is the back side of Stonehenge it looks really far away now darn, you wide angle lens basically the builders were lazy.

And they didn’t put 100% effort into the Stonehenge backsides. And that’s why they have fallen over first. I’m just kidding they were not lazy they’re pretty amazing, but that’s the truth though look another angle of Stonehenge oh my goodness, it’s the front side of Stonehenge we did it backwards, but we made it we have found the house of James.

And Lily Potter. I don’t think they’re currently living there now though she hasta dogs vision we just snuck into a graveyard okay. So we are a last stop of the day.

And that is in the city or town winning immunity up back. And as, you guess to the ax bath was used for baths back in the day of the Roman time to be exact seen here look the best-preserved inch about some temple complex in northern Europe Steve that’s what that was used for anyways there is a happy behind me and, you see got tree tops of the my head. I’ve got seasons under my bed.

I’ve got troubles in the nighttime troubles in the daytime too. I’ve got troubles in the nighttime Chuck yo no. I don’t want to make it jump stuck is already prevents blood have, you dug hello.

And welcome to my how to Travel Guide budgets edition. ?

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