Queenstown Skyline Gondola and Restaurant

The Skyline gondola not only takes you up to one of the most beautiful views in New Zealand, but there are also a variety of activities waiting for you at the top. Woo! This is the steepest gondola in the southern hemisphere. Oh my gosh, you can see the paragliders. And look at the whole lake. Wow. We are very high up, and I am getting a little bit warm.

Queenstown Skyline Gondola and Restaurant Photo Gallery

If you are coming to Queenstown, you have to do the gondola. That was awesome! Oh my gosh. Look, you can see all of Queenstown. So epic. What an inspiring landscape. Oh my gosh. Oh, that’s not for me. The Skyline is one of the defining experiences here in Queenstown. There’s so many activities to try. We have just arrived at the Stratosfare restaurant and bar at the top of the Skyline.

And after that gondola trip, I’m ready for something to eat. This is one of the signature desserts in this part of the world. The food is great. The view is spectacular. This one is one for the books. After traveling up to the Queenstown Skyline, taking in all the sights and then enjoying that delicious meal, I am well-fed and ready to head on back down.

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