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1775 The United Company of Philadelphia for Promoting Country Manufactures, which concentrates on textiles, is founded. Fort Worth Metro Map Cabel Fox establishes a business to make lampblack for printers’ inks in Germantown. The high-quality product eventually becomes known as Germantown lampblack. The Continental Congress issues orders to standardize the muskets being manufactured for the Revolutionary War, although manufacturers frequently ignore the specifications.

John Murray, Earl of Dunmore, royal governor of Virginia, offers freedom to slaves willing to fight on the British side in the Country Revolution. 1776 The Second Continental Congress passes a resolution against slave importation. Country rebels adopt the Spanish peso as currency. The Continental army’s need for lead to make ammunition leads the Virginia government to take over the Kanawha River mines. The Scottish professor Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations includes criticism of slavery and British policy towards Country.

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