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When it comes to nightlife, South Pattaya is home to dozens of Discos, hundreds of Go Go Bars, hundreds of Karaoke Bars, and literally thousands of pubs and cafes, Massage Parlors, Beer Bars, and Blow Job Bars. Starting from Soi Pattayaland 2 and extending south to Soi 18, this is a huge bimbo area, with many side streets (sois) and much to do and see. The action takes place in the Sois, and along Beach and Second Road, as well as Beach Road from South Pattaya Road to Soi 18. At night, the area is closed to traffic and metamorphoses into The Famous Walking Street. The streets become energetic, chaotic, noisy and full of happy sleazy young girls. There’s are always some bizarre sights that will amaze you, nothing like the occasional nude fire eating show while throwing back your sixteenth beer. Nothing like a hot date with a girl named Poo.

While strolling down Walking Street, there are plenty of great steak, seafood, and barbecue joints. The food is hot and spicy, so make sure you have a dozen beers nearby. Lobster Pot was one of the favorites of our crew. Also, on Saturdays, the Swiss Bar has an all you can eat Pig roast for 200 baht. ($5).

Again, concentrate on Walking Street and the side roads along Beach Road. Flashing red lights and seedy ambiance everywhere.

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YES!! Home at last.

There are countless go go bars all in a row. For the latest and greatest, you must see Club Electric Blue. It has 4 stages, with seating on 3 levels. The highest level rotates around above you, on the other levels there are sensuous girl girl acts galore. The beers are cheap and there’s an American style restaurant here as well. Some real stunners make this their home on any given night.

The red zone is one long strip, so you can sample many bars in an evening. Some other popular clubs are Livingdolls 2, The Freelancer Bar, Happy-a-GoGo, Marine Disco, Carousel, Bubbles, and Peppermint Plaza. The names of the clubs change regularly, but the look and feel is always the same. Besides the go go bars, there are literally hundreds of small open air Beer Bars around the town, featuring a wide variety of music, staffed with tons of girls available for dates for a small bar fine. Expect the girls to pull you in off the street and make you buy them drinks, as they get a commission on each one. Not to worry, everything is dirt-cheap and the experience is well worth it. They will leave short-time or long-time, the cost of her date is up to you.

Me so horny, me wuv you wong time.

As far as pricing goes, here’s a rough guide.

Short time (ST) refers to 90-120 minutes, or 2 rounds with a girl, whichever comes first.

Long Time (LT) means over night.

Along Beach Road or Soi 6, the ST rate is 500 baht, bar girls 500-800ST, 1000 LT. Freelancers are 1000 Baht, Go Go girls 1000-1500 ST, 1500-2000 LT.

Bar Fines are an additional required cost for the house, the price you pay to take the dancer out of the club, in a Go Go bar it’s a 500 baht bar fine, some bars are charging 700-1000 baht bar fines. In a beer bar expect around 200-250 baht.

There are the infamous Blow Job Bars as well, where you stroll on in and for $10 can be serviced in private or literally right at the bar. Tilt back your beer and bark out instructions, she can’t understand you anyway. Now that’s service. Don V hit your head on the bar getting up honey . The phrase Blow Job has a slang in Thai, it is called “Smoke”, as in “You smoke?”…answer: “Yes, Me like smoke you long time!”

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