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Entering the Wilderness


The most common way to reach a park, forest, or wilderness area is, of course, by car. Bus or train service is also available for some of the more popular parks, especially those which are relatively close to cities and other population centers.

An entrance or parking fee is charged at many National Parks, state parks, and other visitor-oriented parks where facilities are provided. At other areas, including most National Forests and state forests, such fees are generally not required.

While entry or parking fees may be nominal, at some locations the amount now runs as high as $10 or more per car. During off-season periods the fee may or may not be charged.

If there’s an information or visitor center, you may want to stop in for up-to-the-minute details on trail conditions or other information. Perhaps you’ll need to pick up a camping permit, when required. If you haven’t already obtained maps and a guidebook, these items are sometimes available for sale.

Not all parks and other areas have a visitor or information center, however, or it may not be open the day or hour you arrive. It’s best to get any information you need ahead of time.

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