Abby’s New Zealand Adventure

Hey guys.

So today is the last day of my New Zealand grand explorer antiquing tour. So to summarize my trip. I wanted to read, you a book that.

I purchased at the bungee jump because. I didn’t buy to you. I purchased a kids book, it’s called Nana.

And granddad’s new zealand venture my grandparents are the greatest when they go traveling, you see the coolest stuff this year they went to a country called New Zealand they were on a boat. And watch dolphins playing in the water they stopped public, but pools. And geysers of hot water into the air they ate from a hanging which is a type of underground oven hi guys.

Abby’s New Zealand Adventure Photo Gallery

So here at dinner. And tonight we were having a traditional New Zealand Maori basically lamb pork chicken potato 2 potato corn 3 your camera they saw thousands of glowworms light up the darkness like stars in a cave full of stalagmites. And stalactite since.

I wasn’t allowed to film any of the black water rafting some amazing volunteer to reenact the entire experience for us what about the water what’s up how’s it going they also saw people bungee jumping off bridges. And jet boating through gorges. So, you can see the white side on the bottom left hand corner that’s what, you guys going to be jumping from Quito that over from out there you’re gonna be standing up a little edge just behind that white sign facing in that direction out that way there when you’re up there guys they’re gonna give, you a countdown three two one bungy on bungee wait what, you guys opposed to be doing just pushing out your feet throw your hands out to the side headfirst dive just like you’re diving into a swimming pool, you drove for about six seconds free for if you watch this person out here to the lift that’s like a free pool of about six seconds another couple of seconds on the stretch of the road Becka, this is gonna be awesome anyway Australia hey guys thanks.

So much for reading my post on New Zealand. I really hope, you enjoyed it if you want to see more don’t forget to comment. And for an exclusive post check out the Contiki youtube blog where I’ll be posting a couple additional.

And exclusive content. ?

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