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Newest on the New York horizon is the world’s longest suspension structure (4,260 feet), the sleek Verrazano-Narrows Bridge from Brooklyn to Staten Island, also the work of Ammann. It’s named after the Italian who discovered New York Bay in 1524, landing near the bridge’s Staten Island base.

Neighbourhood life is preserved in Brooklyn Heights, within sight of Manhattan’s skyscraper towers tours available, starting off at a very reasonable price. The shortest flight lasts only five minutes and doesn’t go beyond the United Nations area. The longest shows you the whole town. It’s probably best to choose one in between, on which you can see the World Trade Center. Midtown Manhattan and Central Park.

There are departures throughout the day. You may have to wait a while around midday at peak tourist season. Flights leave either from the East River at 34th Street (Island Helicopter: tel. 683-4575) or from the Seaplane Terminal at the end of East 23rd Street (Pelham Airways: tel. 828-0420).

For a slightly lower bird’s-eye view, try the new aerial tramway connecting Manhattan and Roosevelt Island. It leaves from 59th Street and First Avenue.

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