Were in Alice Springs Parrtjima Light Festival

Jessica what’s going on another trip we’re going to Ellis spring, I’m so excited we’ve never been to Alice Springs before. So we’re gonna be going there for about five days and, I’m the main reason we’re there is there’s this festival on Sodor our festival in lights, and we just looked up pictures, and it looks amazing what they do is they projector alien Aboriginal art work on these Rangers for the MacDonnell ranges it looks beautiful I saw I saw there’s like a big event tonight would be dinner we have to like bring our invitations along, and everything to get in remember Nancy for the train that I bought the little boat, I’m totally wearing it yeah he’s broken out the very time. But good to have a puppy for a slice by doing a hundred percent no would have expect on this trip if you guys don’t know Alice Springs is like pretty much in the middle of Australia right in the desert never been we’ve seen quite a lot of Australia this he has been. So good honest that’s a small little plane welcome to Alice rings everyone a little bit windy it’s nice to feel a hot weather again why are we going that way post ended in the other outback yeah the hotel hello Springs is literally the central most city in Australia we’re in the red centre oh. So cold yeah give you guys a quick room tour oh that bed looks. So comfy I love the aboriginal artwork as well to add to it all. So tonight’s quite like a fancy event.

Were in Alice Springs Parrtjima Light Festival Photo Gallery

So is this getting out outfits ready it’s very creased I need to iron it. But this is like the dress, I’m gonna wear it’s from beginning boutique. So cute, and I’ve decided to go for a green seeing as outside is red dirt I thought would go together then I got some sandals from ruby shoes, and it actually gets cold in the desert. So, I’m also bringing my black leather jacket that’s what, I’m wearing, and then Stephen it has to be a tie event. But he’s decided to go for a bow tie look with a strap top, and my black pants, and he’s little what fancy shoes we’re gonna get ready now it’s gonna be a long night. So these are definitely in order cute little bow tie jerkin tuck dinner out I thinking. Because it’s meant to be a little bit cash maybe tucked um tucked down I don’t re, I’m a very good at this tucked out okay let’s go let’s see your dress you dress very northern territory alright guys we just arrived MacDonnell ranges it’s about to start the festival in light blog Springs enjoy our country please save you look after yourself, and that company will look after you the lights have just started, and it looks amazing it’s a cool take of 2.

5 kilometres of the MacDonnell ranges being lit up right now with all these Aboriginal art from like some like the first ever are ever painted in the world this is one of the other art installations some of the local indigenous artists have come, and painted this, and there’s like five umbrellas this is one of them, and this is the MacDonnell ranges which you guys just saw before. So I can choose what color I can make the hill. So I choose a color. So, I’m gonna go red yellow green blue cool, and then I keep going yep cause you choice will chase each other okay guys we just got back from the parchment festival it was so beautiful to see first time I’ve ever done something like this when they’ve shown like lights on to a natural habitat if you’ve seen the vivid festival in Sydney before it’s the same guy that did that, and they’ve decided to like you know City landscape they wanted to do natural landscapes very interesting to see. But we have to wake up at 4:00 a.m.

tomorrow. Because we’re going on a hot-air balloon ride which should be. So beautiful to see going over all the red dirt here in Alice Springs how do you guys enjoyed the post give us a thumbs up if you did, and we will see you tour in like four hours time not guys.

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