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Keep to the path and don’t be too worried Lagos Map Tourist Attractions when it temporarily parts company from the water’s edge, going round the landward side of Lagos Map Tourist Attractions an area of fairly thick vegetation. This can be muddy, as I found to my discomfiture when I did this walk on a miserable January morning after a period of sustained rainfall. Shortly, however, the path does return to the waterside and continues south-eastwards to the southernmost and easternmost tip of Thorney Island, known as Longmere Point.

Longmere Point is one of the loveliest spots on this walk and indeed on the Sussex coastline, with really excellent views in all directions. Naturally your eyes will firstly be drawn out to sea, and the great sweep of the Manhood Peninsula ahead of you; there are many splendid coastal features along it, and it culminates in the famous sand spit known as East Head which is clearly visible from Longmere Point. However, equally impressive, if not more so, are the views to the beautiful wooded hills that make up the Kingley Vale Nature Reserve to the north-west of Chichester.

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