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The popularity of TV programs like Who Do You Think You Are? and websites like Ancestry.com make it obvious that there’s an underlying need to place our lives in some bigger, yet personal, historical context. As I’ve written about different cities and cultures across the planet, it’s been particularly intriguing to develop unexpected linkages to the Australian experience. Where is Round Rock? What’s the connection between CATS and Captain Cook? (Hint: It’s not to do with either felines or Andrew Lloyd Webber!) Were you aware that the American Civil War helped to populate Queensland? What’s the deeper story behind those big guns we see frequently in the main streets of Australian country towns? Some of these discoveries surprised me when I stumbled on the information. Perhaps my journey of discovery will intrigue you, too!

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INCIDENTAL TOURISM (AS DISTINCT from travelling while being on a vacation) is primarily a consequence of the truncated time-frames enabled by rapid international jet travel. As we all know, the realities of our world are vastly different from anything that has gone before. It once was a very big deal for a leading Australian researcher (like 1960 Nobelist Sir Macfarlane Burnet, the virologist/immunologist) to attend an international conference. Back then, junior Australian medicos would have to defray the cost of taking up (for further certification) a hospital job back ‘home’ (Britain) by signing on for an extended trip as a ship’s doctor. As late as the 1950s, Round Rock Map all but the wealthiest (and most adventurous) Antipodean business leaders, marketers, commercial buyers and the like spent weeks at sea as they headed to the major centres of wealth and power in the Northern Hemisphere.

Crime and romance novels set on ocean liners in those more leisured years depended in part on the reality that such languid voyages led even the most dedicated professional to morph into a less critically minded, more relaxed mode. Fuelled by alcohol and boredom, with diverse company and hours to kill, there was time for contemplation, talking with strangers from different cultures and reading about ultimate destinations. Being on the deep blue seas for days provided ample scope for literary seduction and murder.

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