Hey guys it is a little bit gloomy outside. But we wanted to go somewhere.

So we decided we’re going to be a little bit sophisticated, and go to a museum point steep sophisticated dress you know we’ve got to be sophisticated we’re going to go explore these ZM makes it a lot through the maze Museum of Anthropology, and there’s another one, and they’re right next to the University of British Columbia we’re gonna go to the University, and give you a check out some zoom I think. So yeah.


So we’re gonna do that it’s a good rainy day activity guys that we’re check-in we’ve just got to the area which is where the University of British Columbia is, and it is such a nice there’s two museums here. So I know it’s not a shot looks like the sun’s coming out, and it’s stopped raining which is nice it did take us a while to get here like a train, and then a bus museum yeah tall totem pole that’s a really kind of cool Museum for a museum I was like really like nicely designed I’ve dragged him along like an hour guided to a soffit learn about the history. So never really learned much about like the Canadian Aboriginal the Native American Indians, and stuff very interesting I guess nice.

I like that’s the Museum which is so inside, and they said of like a village yeah like they replicated a village to show you what it would look like, and then just look at that backdrop guys it’s very nice Theatre for a bland research riveting, I’m gonna go check it out we’ve spotted a sprayer you scared him either way guys it was closed they had like a canopy walk we could walk over the strewth walk walk above the trees right in the canopy in the canopy. But it was closed oh I had been to the city then there was anything else was it around here, and set for the university we see a lot of students like sunbaking in the park that’s weird for us Australians see sunbathe at the beach see I think we’ll catch the bus into town then a very pretty area we went for like probably like a 2 K walk through the forest, and stuff which is nice mission accomplished.

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