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Welcome to New Zealand everybody. But a lot of you been asking when are you bringing out.

So this morning we were chatting to one of our friends who randomly we caught up with in Israel for the first time she’s actually a travel Instagrammer as well. So she is all around the world just as much as we are so we were in the same place we’re like we have to catch up, and she she actually lives in Auckland yes she lives in Auckland. So she’s got a card she’s gonna take us around it’s Nicola from polka dot passport check out our Instagram it’s amazing, and we’re meeting her in front of our apartment which is super nice already coming to an Erica, I’m sorry, and we caught up with thee you’re never gonna ride enjoyed I met up with Nicola are you doing Israel, and then New Zealand I don’t know where we gonna meet up the next time oh yes oh my god oh that would be. So cool okay. So this place is a kind of place, and have a coffee menu, and I will never pay this much extra that I had to order it this is it here, and let me just go through what’s included. So it’s an espresso with house-made tumeric nut milk blend like look at that notice baddies at $10 Dubai Airport coffee I was like $20 for three coffees anyway interesting does it taste like tumeric, I’m not a big fan of that do you really like it then this is technically a burger even though our fondant is are you come to our first stop funnily enough when we announced on Instagram that we were here you guys’s went nuts with suggestion. So thank you, and your first one was yeah yeah yeah absolutely the names we’ve just come to like a look at first this is the beach here Wow black sand beach.

What to do in Auckland Exploring the City Surrounds – New Zealand Photo Gallery

So beautiful, and we’re on the west coast is like 50 minutes 45 minutes outside of Auckland yeah. So luckily we got over Niccolo here to like take us around your service you need 5 star rating I need a roll up my pants we just made our way onto the black sand beach, and this is a beautiful like I don’t know what you’d call like a heel renowned oasis getting deep, I’m just going for a walk it’s actually. So nice is the future who’ve done this year cause super thankful we did them. But they’ll in winter in like Japan, and of course he got to Seoul Europe. So it’s all like monochrome colors come to New Zealand just blown away by all the colors like it’s just green blues, and it’s just. So beautiful can’t wipe this smile off my face this guy’s set up a little hammock like that’s at least three meters of the ground possibly the best view reading his book with the waves just there seriously if New Zealand is anything like our first stop we’re going to be in for a ride. So now the police you guys recommend was a third was kite kite as kitty kitties balls will give some credit to Nicola she was taking us here, and Jess is like, I’m pretty sure someone recommended that we come here.

So it’s some waterfalls beautiful hike really gives like the Hawaii Jurassic Park vibe in here, and also for like not being winter it’s still got quite a bit of a flow coming through the trail you walk down kind of wraps along the river the final spot which you guys recommended is come to Mount Eden. So this is, I’m just gonna step up yeah that’s a dormant volcano crater just there. But this is an insane view of auckland that you can see from the top of yeah kinda reminds me I know is this. Because they have a Space Needle over it reminds me of the park, and Seattle just. Because it’s a similar view at the park you sees city with the needle this would be absolutely insane for sunset I don’t think we’re gonna have one. Because it’s quite a cloudy day. But this is beautiful.

So how have you enjoyed our first day in Auckland dumplings Hey everybody, and welcome back to Auckland today we are heading out, and about, and our first stop is actually Davenport as you guys suggested on Instagram to go to Waikiki Island for Davenport, and we’re not the biggest wine drinkers. So we decided to pick Devonport especially. Because we are coming back to Auburn at the end of this trip, and we might say that how is it’s like. But then alright guys welcome to the cute little seaside town of Devonport back on the north shore of Auckland, and we’re gonna go to get hopefully a nice view of the city yeah oh my gosh look. So cute Matthew manly, and Sydney that doesn’t have that vibe also it’s like colonial buildings yes how’s that San Francisco kind of look to it huge this is like the main strip of Devonport, and we just walk up Victoria Road, and there’s a lot of cool little cafes ice cream Ares you ever look yeah they’ve converted like the old Bank of New Zealand office into a little pub. So you come to the end of the Victoria Street, and now we’ve arrived at mount victoria we’re actually gonna hike to the top I think it takes like 10 minutes. But it’s interesting cuz every single mount around this area is actually a volcano.

So that one we went to yesterday Mount Eden is a dormant volcano this one’s a dormant volcano it’s gonna walk to the top, and check out the views from Rami spots we’re in like a completely different spot of auckland classic colonial like suburb Queen Street followed by Victoria Mount like the Queen has just taken over everything guys the wind has picked up a little bit. So I apologize for that. But we’ve just been sitting here for the last half an hour, and it’s so beautiful the view from here I think it’s better than Mount Eden. Because you can really see the front of the city rather they like the back to the city, I’m saying that Laughlin kind of reminds us of like a little baby Sydney like it has a Harbour Bridge it has their what’s the Whitford thing called the Westfield it has like kind of like a sky tower like how Auckland has, and then you can catch ferries over to different beaches, and stuff with the look of sipping this little chill timeless the chill has made me work a time lapse in to maybe work up an appetite there’s getting us some fish, and chips any Kiwis out there I think this is my new favorite saying humdinger of a breakfast guys there’s only one reason we’ve come here bit chillin there come across we have an acute moment now underneath the broccoli tree mmm-hmm alrighty guys we’ve just come back into the city if you were interested in going there’s like twelve bucks each return tickets highly recommend you do it this is quite I like beautiful spot to spend the morning or the afternoon get your fish, and chips, and then yeah just head back here alrighty. So we are about to go to the most number-one thing you guys have told us to do the number one thing not award for not a beach the number one thing you said that we need to do is eat ice cream there’s like a really famous ice cream place where you’re doing you guys only cause you’re making us, and you guys ever say we are unhealthy it’s your fault literally taken Vienna cake, and Lake Bled ice cream in New Zealand I think there’s a line to this ice cream store listen isn’t an image that could be quite nice thing is what are you doing to us this year this is why we can’t travel anymore. Because you guys make us broke how much was this ice cream Jessica when Thomas with a goal would be zoom in on this seek nice can see this this is a gold the cone itself was nine dollars 50 that’s a nine dollar ice cream what are you guys doing to us okay what does a $21 ice cream taste like really this is the reality guys you go take photos it starts to melt you put it in a bowl. But it does taste amazing oh please we got dark chocolate this is nice.

So $9 50 ice cream is good at the buck $9 50 cards I should have got a cop is that covered in gold, and chocolate, and waffle cone alrighty guys now that we’ve demolished it I must say that that is the best chocolate ice cream I’ve ever had. But the cone sucks, and the cone is more than the ice cream. So if you come get ice cream maybe get it in a cup. But also that’s selfie cones they had Harbour Bridge cones they had a Sky Tower drones Hoth this post is all about this ice cream well was the number one thing to do in Oakland well it did cost us the amount of to ferry prices to Devonport another suggestion seriously you guys are amazing maybe not amazing on the ice. But there’s some night market said on just in this car park they got some like smells. So good even, I’m sorry like is like a grilled cheese that is what I want, I’ll ever like a dumpling place oh man this food smell. So good I keep all Bobby yes guys are Sonny Kim Berra Singh to share with you no matter how big the places that we’re staying at for some reason all our stuff just gets scattered everywhere this is the one thing you wouldn’t want to travel with us.

Because if you don’t like mess we’re pretty bad we’re pretty bad okay. So we were just packing up, and then we thought we would tell you actually why we were in New Zealand. Because we realize we haven’t even explained what we are doing here yeah. So Steve we’re gonna be New Zealand for the next 24 25 days until we head back to Perth yeah we’re pretty much gonna see everything we’re gonna be exploring the North Island the South Island I think once we have finished this trip like there’s nothing left to see when we were in Croatia on our yacht cruise there was four key wheels which was so much fun, and they’re like you have to come to New Zealand, and come, and check it out this is a green star thing what you need to go to New Zealand I didn’t know I like to Kiwis on our South America trip, and we kept running into them like you have to come, and we care along with Kiwis so much I think. Because there’s that Australia New Zealand one arrival really really funny humor yes this is a sort of humor like if we’re on a trip, and we are super sarcastic, I’m just putting this out there like when you actually travel with us, and nothing like it really lives with the New Zealanders, and like everyone else is like the jokesters went over there okay we neither come to Kiwi land since the end of Croatia we did that trip with med sailors, and they’ve just opened up a new trip here called wild Kiwi, and we’re like we loved our trip with them in Croatia on the yachts to be like let’s come, and see what their their road trip trip is like yep. So it’s white 21 days we share way more about it tomorrow on the first day at the to up we thought we’ll just give you guys a little bit of an insight into what we’re doing here we are very excited we’re seeing basically most of the north, and most of the South Island. So yeah let’s do it yeah let’s do it also if you missed yesterday’s post we launched some merch, and that is currently on sale for a very limited time if you want to help us, and support, and get some of your like own flying in this links below, and if you do buy one make sure you send us a photo or post, and we’ll Chuck you in blog.

Because we really appreciate all your support. But if you are new around here, and you kind of enjoyed our little trip around Oakland make sure you hit comment give the post thumbs up, and share with someone, and we’ll see you guys on the road trip which begins tomorrow we are leaving Oakland oh, and very very quickly we realize. So many of you are from Oakland, and want to do a meet-up like you guys bloom. So every three suggestions I thank you again we are coming back to Oakland for a night let’s do it then let’s do a meet-up follow us on Instagram. So you can chat more about it, and find out more details maybe one of you guys can suggest a cool coffee shop that can house us all okay thank you.

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