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Welcome to my Viator Tuscany tour of Italy.

So yeah, this is our first stop, it’s multiple blog beautiful, you see it up on the hillside here Tuscany. So we’re in the twilight square from the second movie Twilight we’re very excited yeah let’s not, you can’t buy the Empire’s it doesn’t that’s gonna happen it except for that. I appreciate that was booking about feel like that was that was changed something something different happened there Cuoco, you got there yen thanks take it take it all fit my luggage yes probably could fit your luggage physically multiple tuna is a mixture of Renaissance medieval, this is kind of like one of the earliest places that the Renaissance started it started in Florence, but because we’re.

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So close to Florence got a lot the influence. So that’s what your team in the architecture oh my gosh manda look, it’s the best thing there ever I’m so sad why would.

I want to buy it it is deaf what without it. I refuse no fun, you know commandant. I light up your favorite movie, you told me secret.

So Amanda is this everything, you picture Italy beer yes pretty spot-on Michael. I guys pretty spot-on right now. I’m saying olive tree cypress tree Abbey.

So we are just about to go to our lovely wine tasting here in Tuscany now wine is like pretty much one of these staple ingredients in all of Italy. So there are over 900 thousand vines that produce wine here in Italy. And between Italy.

And France they produce over 40% of the wine that is consumed around the world kind of crazy. So. I’m expecting some good wines to be had to be tasted this afternoon first off with our appetizers which as, you can see here is a mixture of different types of cured meat machetes with olive oil made from this region.

And then we’ve got our first one that we’re tasty let’s taste like apricots. I don’t know. I’m just smelling it right now oh my gosh it amazing.

So then, this is would be a wonderful lunch. I can tell already, this is our second fine line we’re tasting. I’m pro-family.

I move it already. I’m an awful awful bit of longer, it’s a center visa from Malta Chino very strong all right like sharp very sharp. So now we’ve moved on to our third wine also a Sangiovese a grape in general for one year, but this one is from Al Pacino the town we were just at incident Malta genome when he was the previous one apparently it smells like vanilla, but with the ones that they produce in 2004 they run the prize for best wine in the world now tasting our fourth wine, this is the Brunello di Montalcino it is also hot % JMS a grape.

And this was in the casket for five years instead of one – the previous ones were the casket that wrong the mess already over barrel why do. I taste a log fun delicious though we got here well. I was listening to her.

I don’t know yeah okay. So our last location or last stop of the day it is the town of Piazza where we have some free times just stroll around do whatever we like browse from the shops. And stuff, but.

I’m anyways. I wanted to show, you guys what we’ve done today is. So luck.

So we started in Rome we went all the way up to the north to multiple Chino then multi Gino where we had lunch in the safe. And rode a B. And now back at Piazza.

So that was our day trip after skinny oh my goodness there’s a big giant prehistoric rock there behind me okay Stonehenge. ?

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