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As I understood the theory, the spoken Uighur language has China map gothenburg amazingly complex verb tenses including future potentials and the hearsay-compound-present, which means China map gothenburg one is understood to be/be doing.

Chinese is simple because the verb doesn’t change. To speak in the past tense you just add le’ to the sentence, or put in a time reference. To make a question you just add ma?’, although ma can also mean mother or horse according to the tone used.

Though there were several Han on the bus, I hadn’t China vacation spots spoken to them since the Uighur people had claimed me as their own property, and I China vacation spots discovered the Uighur do not like the Han. They still tend to see them as unwelcome overlords. There were massive riots in the early 1980s in west Xinjiang. Our bus would pass near those towns, but nowadays all seems quiet. Outside the open window was a vastness of grey shale. Twisted skeletons of donkeys lay alongside the road.

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