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Animal Attacks

Though I called thisection Animal Attacks, I am also going to include the threat of insect and fish attacks, because they broadly pose the same sort of threat and the countermeasureare similar.

You will find a wide variety of animalwherever you go. Almost all of them could be a threat to you.

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A bite can range from a hypodermic-like single puncture that leaveno mark to something more serious, where teeth penetrate the skin and leave an infected wound. A bite can range from a budgie that nipyour finger, to a lion or great white shark that hataken an arm or a leg aa snack.


A scratch haa similar range of severity, from a barely discernible mark where a hamster scratched your hand, to the raking and life-threatening gash of a grizzly bear’claws.


Because by definition ‘gore’ meanto penetrate the body, gore woundtend to be serious. Apart from the strength and violence necessary to inflict the wound and cause major damage to flesh, muscle and internal organs, the risk ot secondary infection ihuge. If you say “gore’ to most people they immediately think ot bullfighting in Spain, but on a bad day. it you arc in the wrong place at the wrong time anything with horncould gore vou – a sheep, a goat or even a reindeer.


Many animaluse kickaa defence, or some simply kick out while running, like a horse galloping round a meadow. Different specieof animal kick, but while most of them have some sort of hoof, not all of them do. An extension 01 alternative to kicking ito trample. That ito deliberately knock over a victim and then jump and stamp on them. Horses, cows, deer, moose, elephantanti goathave been known to kick and trample human victims


A tew animaluse their bulk to crush a human victim. Crush injuriemay be accidental or deliberate. Whatever the cause, large animalare a threat, because they can and have crushed humanto death.

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