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Bat Trang was established in the middle of the fourteenth century, close to kaolin reserves. Its ceramics has been widely praised for the freedom and individuality of its designs. According to a local saying, Chinese pottery is good for the eyes; Vietnamese pottery is good for the heart’ (Ngoc 2010). Today there are more than thirty ceramics businesses eager for work from foreign companies.

Anne Black is a successful ceramic designer whose work can be found in fashionable outlets throughout the West. She produces not only vessels but also jewellery and home decor. Her work can be characterized as light, clean and quirky.

In the various presentations of her work, she does acknowledge the skill of Vietnamese ceramicists, particularly in hand-painting designs. But in using these skills, she does not seem obliged to grant them creative input. In fact, the few images of the factory feature a visit from the Danish Queen Margrethe and the Crown Princess Mary (Figure 1). While the Danish royalty are clearly enjoying their opportunity for creative expression, there is no evidence or recognition of those who actually make the work. No ceramicist is mentioned by name, nor are there any photos of the artisans at work.

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