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Two more rooms were on our tour route. The first, room 280, where a woman died of natural causes. People claim to hear voices and shadows in the room and outer hall.

Our last stop was room 380. It belonged to Jim’s grandmother, Helen Lucille Doherty. This had been Helen’s living quarters for many years until her passing in 1990. Helen, loved by many, was warmly referred to as Grandma Doherty. She was an integral part of the hotel as was Jim and Dean’s mother, Reine Doherty. There was special warmth in Jim’s voice as he spoke of his mother, who passed away in 1997. He clearly felt a deep sense of love and respect for both of these two fine ladies.

The hotel was very busy the night we were there, and Jim excused himself to attend to guests at a banquet. Thanking him for his time, we were ready to begin the investigation. Lorena set up the base station in the basement. The investigation began in the basement allowing time for the upper floors time to clear out.

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