The 2-Week Bikini Competition Diet

The food writer, 25, and founder of Lucy Bee Organic Raw Coconuf Oil, on how she fuels her day.

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‘I’ve recently started doing HIIT at home as soon asI wake up. I find this is the best way to stay on track.I try to eat a cooked breakfast – something such as eggs, avocado and spinach, or asparagus, tomatoes and halloumi.’


‘I try to eat as close to nature as possible and I buy organic food whenever I can. But I really believe balance is the most important thing. I enjoy going out with my friends and family to restaurants and I do indulge in the odd “naughty” food every so often.’

LUNCH‘I tend to throw together anything I find in the fridge. My past few lunches have been peanut butter tofu stir-fry, a healthy pizza omelette, and cauliflower rice with veg and feta. I love having picky bits and mixing them together. I also make extra in the evening to have for a quick lunch the next day.’

DRINKS‘I have a jug of water with lemon and ginger in the office. And I love cacao powder with hot almond milk to curb sugar cravings. I also drink green tea, and warm water with fennel seeds.’


‘At the moment, I’m cooking my way through our new cookbook, Coconut Oil Recipes For Real Life (Quadrille, £15). I loved creating the recipes, so I’m now going back and making everything again. They are all so delicious it’s hard to choose my favourite, but I love making the Seabass with Mediterranean crushed potatoes, which includes peppers, olives, capers, chilli and samphire; and I really enjoy making the Spicy bean burgers with a salad. I’ll always try to whip up a quick, simple, nutritious meal (with minimal washing up afterwards)!’


‘I don’t tend to snack much throughout the day, but if I do I’ll have a handful of almonds. I prefer to eat smaller meals more often. My dad makes a great gluten-free pizza. I love tapas when I’m on holiday and I’ve been known to eat my way through a bag of crisps every so often.’


‘I take probiotics for gut health, and vitamin D tablets. Otherthan that, I try to eat a varied diet of all natural ingredients. Obviously, though, it’s up to everyone to decide what’s best for them.’


‘As Lucy says, “balance” is the bedrock of a healthy diet and eating foods as close to nature as possible is an excellent strategy to avoid added sugar, salt and other additives. Both feta cheese and halloumiare high in salt, so I’d suggest Lucy doesn’t have both on the same day. Although Lucy is a big fan of coconut oil, the nutrition communityare somewhat divided on its benefits. The British Heart Foundation advises that it’s fine to use now and again – it’s best to have small amounts and use unsaturated oils as an everyday choice instead.’

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