Top 10 Best Airports in the World 2022

Welcome to our travel blog and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 best airports in the world. For this list, we’re looking at airports with unique designs and facilities that make them attractions in their own right. Number ten O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, USA. Even if you’ve never been to Chicago, chances are you’ll recognize this iconic airport from home alone. It’s the same one that the McAllister family darted through the moment you step into the terminal, run Rudolph run is guaranteed to get stuck in your head whether you visit in December or July. Aside from reenacting a scene from one of your favorite holiday movies, you can partake in traditional Chicago. In cuisine, if you have time to work off those Chicago style hot dogs and deep dish pizza, shop around and seek out the public art that decorates the terminals. Or if you just want to relax before taking off, there are several lounges if you’re traveling American, we’d highly recommend snacking on some treats and wine at the flagship lounge,

9 Heathrow Airport London, England

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Now more than ever, cleanliness is one of the most important attributes that travelers look. For in an airport, for those visiting the UK, you’ll be happy to know that Heathrow has a squeaky clean reputation. Not only are there plenty of hand sanitizing stations, but the airport started using UV cleaning robots to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Heathrow has also etched out its place as one of the most instagrammable airports with its street art exhibitions. Exhibits like Colette Miller’s global Angel Wings Project, have made its way to the airport, providing amazing photo opps tourists have reached. For the balloons in front of rogue ones floating taxi piece as well, then take in the aesthetic with a cappuccino and across all.

8 Dubai International Airport, Dubai

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United Arab Emirates, Dubai International Airport or DXB stands out as the 6th busiest airport by cargo and the 4th busiest in terms of passenger traffic. You think making your way through such an active airport would be stress inducing. This international travel hub creates. A calming atmosphere, however with its sleek modern architecture while the airport is busy, it thankfully doesn’t lack for space. Terminal Three is the largest in the world, and for a period it held the record for the biggest building. Overall, this is one airport where layover time is welcomed. Thanks to Terminal 3’s Zen Garden and Kid Zone with over 100 places to grab a bite, luxurious lounges and personal sleep pods DXB knows how to accommodate its visitors.

7 Munich Airport, Munich, Germany

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For those with a lengthy layover, Munich Airport has all the amenities one would expect. First Rate Lounge is a variety of restaurants and even a shopping center. Since you’re going to be cooped up in an airplane for a few hours, chances are you’ll want to get some fresh air before takeoff. The Mac Forum is a large roofed open space where travelers can stretch their legs for a further outdoor exploration. Make your way to visitors. Hill to get a view of the Western flight line. The hill is part of Visitors Park, which also features a playground for the kids and historic aircrafts. For anyone who wants to learn more about aviation, who says that a trip to the airport can’t be fun and educational?

6 Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

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Haarlemmermeer North Holland Amsterdam is a city that everybody should visit at least once. If you’re just passing through, however, you can still get a taste of the culture without. Leaving the airport, Schiphol has a library with about 1200 books and an outpost for the historic Reicks Museum. As the largest airport in the Netherlands, you might not be sure where to begin exploring, so why not sign up for these? Skip whole experience. This bus tour provides a behind the scenes look at the airport’s history and operations. It’s not every day that you get an up close look at an airport hangars and fire station, even if you’re not staying the night, we’d recommend. Checking out the Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for its unique cube design

5 Copenhagen Airport Copenhagen, Denmark


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Denmark is often ranked among the most livable countries in the world for out of towners, you’ll be immediately overcome by the country’s hospitality upon landing in Copenhagen Airport. The area is distinguished by its modern interior design and artwork. Among the highlights is head of Armins girls at the airport sculpture, which depicts two young travelers. Looking over terminal three, it’s a piece that inspires you to stop and smell the roses before heading out into the world. Likewise, we’d suggest taking a moment to enjoy this airports, restaurants, shops and other amenities before your trip officially commences. Once you’ve been to Copenhagen, part of you will never want to leave the upside to your departure is that you’ll get to visit this cozy airport again.

4 Hamad International Airport Doha, Qatar replacing Doha international

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Airport in 2014 HIA is the newest entry on our list. As such, everything about the airport feels fresh from the architecture to the technology. The passenger terminals, curvy design calls, sand dunes to mind, providing a preview of what to expect in parts of Qatar. In July 2020, it was announced that the airport would introduce screening technology that would allow people to pass through security without having to remove their electronic devices while the airport hosts a few unique art pieces. The standout is lamp bear. A massive bronze teddy bear sculpture with its head up a lamp once displayed at New York’s Seagram Building. It was bought at auction by a Qatari royal family member for $6.8 million. Number 3 Inchon International Airport, Inchon, South Korea. In 2020, the Skytrax consultancy ranked Inchon International as the second cleanest airport in the world. It also came in first for the best transit. Airport and best terminal. The latter honor went to Terminal

2 which opened in early

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2018 with cultural performances, diverse artwork and a spotless aesthetic. We can see why. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should sleep on terminal one and its virtual reality area. Speaking of innovative technology, Inchon International is also home to Airstar a multilingual passenger aiding robot complete with a touch screen monitor. Air Star will not only give you directions. But also answer your boarding questions and take a selfie with you. It’s not the airport’s only robot either, as you can also grab coffee at a smart cafe. Number 2 Hanada, Airport Tokyo, Japan just beating out Inchon International on the cleanliness scale is Hanada Airport, also known as Tokyo International Airport. Passengers know that they’ve reached the land of the rising sun upon spotting Mount Fuji to make the most of your layover. Book a tour of the JAL Sky Museum. For a trip through the airports history, keep in mind that booking begins six months in advance, even if you can’t make the tour, you can get a breathtaking view from terminal one’s rooftop observation deck, as well as a bite to eat at the cafe. For avid collectors, you’ll want to purchase a few souvenirs from Toy Park as well. The architecture is draped in Tokyo’s culture, giving you a small taste of what’s to come.

1 Singapore Changi Airport, Changi, Singapore.

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Singapore Changi ranked number one on Skytrax’s list for airport of the year and not just in 2020. It’s claimed this title for eight consecutive years, a record that’s not going to be broken anytime soon. Singapore Changi is one of the leading airports in terms of cleanliness, terminal presentation and sheer entertainment value at virtually any other airport. Waiting at baggage claim is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Here, however, the spacious area and decorative trees make for a surprisingly. Invigorating experience, that’s only the beginning, as you’ll want to explore the gardens and see the rain vortex Earth’s tallest indoor waterfall. This is less like an airport and more like a shopping mall that just so happens to have planes. Do you agree with our picks? Check out this other recent clip from our travel blog and be sure to subscribe and Ring the bell to be notified about our latest videos.

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