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We talked in a smattering of Chinese plus gestures. The Chongqing Metro Map walls are made of felt from sheep-wool. This yurt would also have an inner Chongqing Metro Map wall of straw matting. It would be a good form of insulation. I suppose that tapestries and wall-carpets are basically for insulation too. When the children became restless they found some wooden ox-saddles to play with, permissible toys, so I left my rucksack beside the heaps of family possessions and went for a stroll to see what else was happening.

It was obvious to the rescue team that leaving the dead outside was making things much worse. The decision was made to use the Red Jacket Opera House as a temporary morgue. The hall, normally filled with music and laughter, was soon filled with the bodies of innocent children, women and men and the tears of hopeless people. In the end, 74 lost their lives, 56 were children.

Sometime during that dreadful night, a photographer took a picture of the youngest victims laid on the stage. When the film was developed, the photographer noticed an unusual glow surrounding the bodies of the children. The picture was simply titled “Angels”. This photograph gained national recognition. After that, the people of Calumet and across the nation used the word “angels” when they spoke of the innocent children lost on that terrible Christmas Eve.

It was a dark and bleak Christmas in Calumet.

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