Hello there fellow Canadians or not Canadians if you’re not a Canadian reading this my name is Abby or, you may call me hey Abby Hey they didn’t.

I am a travel post blogger aka. I travel a lot. And.

I’m also a Canadian so. I thought I’d put together a post for Canadians travelling abroad. So advocating.


And traveling abroad the first thing that, you are going to hear is people mistaking your accent for an American accent this will go one of two ways to either guess that, you are a an American. And when, you correct them. And tell them, you are a Canadian they will feel.

So sorry. And apologize for ever referring to, you as an American the second way is that they will guess you’re Canadian. And when, you confirm their guess they will be.

So relieved that they do not call, you an American because somehow that is a gigantic insult, this is why Canadians love to put cleany flags on their stuff on their bags on their other bags on all their banks we love putting Keeney flights on our stuff. So if you don’t want this to happen put a Canadian flag on your bag seriously everybody does it the next thing you’ll notice is your camión passport is amazing, it’s seriously a very very valuable passport. And it allows, you to get into many countries free of charge without having a very long complicated visa process unless you’re going to South America which there was a lose a little bit of tension in sneeze these are words, it’s kind of long story also America is actually a very difficult country to get into even just to visit for everybody else around the world aside from us Canadians.

So travel. And take advantage of America. And where do us Canadians love to travel to anywhere that’s realistically warm we love Mexico.

And we love New Zealand. And Australia, you can find a lot of Canadians in New Zealand. And Australia oh.

And the Caribbean. And Hawaii where we gravitate to mostly if when traveling, you ever intend to cross a street here in Canada cars will stop for, you doesn’t even realistically matter where, you are if you stop. And look like, you were going to cross cars will stop for, you everywhere else of the world not.

So much then will possibly bring, you over because us as Canadians driving cars too polite everywhere else, it’s like freakin Frogger. I kid, you not as well as nobody’s ever heard of a poutine nobody knows what a poutine is. And when, you describe it to them they’re gonna think, it’s disgusting they’re just gonna straight-up think, it’s really really gross, but, you know, you know.

And please please don’t forget your manners Canadians we are made fun of because we say please thank, you sorry far too much, but honestly it goes a long way everywhere in the world. So don’t forget them even if you’re saying them in a foreign language that definitely definitely counts at last everybody and. I mean everybody that, you meet that asks about Canada will think that, it’s snows.

And, it’s freezing all the time. And will question why as a Canadian, you are cold how can, you be cold you’re from Canada kids don’t get cold ah, this is why we travel, this is why Canadians venture to learn places in the wintertime. And last Canadians are generally mutually loved around the world because well we’re pretty awesome peoples.

So go forth Canadians venture out. And see the world or heck just, you know see more of Canada because Canada is freaking huge seriously. So happy travels Canadians.

And they will see, you all soon. ?

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