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One man held a sheet of red-hot metal with China travel documentary two pairs of pincers while his partner, wielding a three-foot hammer, combined rhythm China travel documentary and muscles to beat it flat. Others hammered tin to make buckets and bowls, producing an alleyful of rapping, tapping noises. The repairing of burned-out kettles is good business here. And grinding-stones the size of mill-wheels were being chipped into shape. Splinters of rock came flying across the dusty road. Knife-grinders plied their trade using round local whetstones turned by attachment to a bicycle wheel and pedals.

How understated the land appeared. A small home, on a quiet country road, partially hidden behind a cluster of trees. It wasn’t the original Crouch home, of course. That had been taken down long ago. This one had been built sometime around 1947 or 1948. A portion of the house did sit on the original home’s foundation.

The current home resting on the Crouch property.

To the back of the land was an ancient barn, a tall silo standing almost protectively in front. We met up again with J.W. who confirmed that, to the best of his knowledge, the barn was original. He then took us to meet his wife, Jules. Both were incredibly friendly and welcoming, especially under such rainy, bleak conditions.

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