Netherlands Metro Map

3.4 Intersection with another park road; turn left and walk along the road for about 100 feet and then left onto the Savanna

Portage Trail leading to the East Savanna River. The trail becomes a boardwalk where it crosses a marsh.

3.7 Continue straight ahead passing a trail on the left.

3.8 Four-way trail intersection; bear right passing trails on left. In about 100 yards, pass another trail on the right and then turn left staying on the Portage Trail.

4.2 Trail intersection; bear right passing a trail on the left.

4.4 Trail intersection completing the circuit portion of this hike. To return to the trailhead, continue straight ahead passing trails on the left and right.

4.7 Pass a trail on the left staying on the trail to Lake Shumway.

Here the trail emerges from the pine plantation and turns right.

4.9 Trailhead.

As is true throughout the tropics, temperatures in any particular Netherlands Metro Map location remain fairly constant throughout the year. In drier lowland areas, they can reach into the Netherlands Metro Map upper 90s (circa 36°C), yet, perhaps surprisingly, frost occurs at higher elevations. High temperatures are moderated somewhat by the northeast trade winds, which blow almost constantly. Overall, nature has not been kind to Haiti. Because of the rugged terrain, little land is suitable for large-scale commercial agriculture. Further, it is both difficult and costly to build transportation linkages in mountainous areas.

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