Best Travel Destinations With Family

Best Travel Destinations With Family

I, personally, haven’t traveled there as yet; but, I plan to! Yes, I do! One can never be too old to travel. Some of the greatest world travellers are challenged in some way – physically or age or money-wise. I claim all three at this point in my life; but, I have the will; and, I will find the way!

I just can’t ever forget seeing and observing an old Indian lady touring the CN Tower when I had taken my mother there to look at that perceived Wonder of the World, it being billed at the time as being the second tallest structure in the world behind the Empire building in New York city.

Over the many years, I have seen children of all ages, genders, abilities, disabilities (“challenges”), strengths and weaknesses travel with their parents or other family members; and, I have always admired and lauded those parents, guardians and caretakers who saw it necessary to include the younger generations.

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One time, I saw two older parents pushing a greatly challenged man – who definitely seemed to be in his 30s – through the deck doors on a cruise ship. He was almost 100% flat on his back; but, a little on one side, as he tried to take in the sights as they wheeled him past.

A couple years later, when I saw a paraplegic son in a wheelchair; and, the father on television saying that he had travelled all the way from some state in America, across the Atlantic to Holland with his beloved son to give him a “once in a lifetime” chance to be pleasured in the red light district, it filled my mind with vivid memories of the said cruise passenger.

In those two particular cases, the parents seemed cool and calm; and, we can easily understand why -they had been living with the condition for years; and, though, like winter, many can never get accustomed to it, they, nevertheless, had learnt how to cope with it.

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