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Western Argentina offers up the Andes for skiing during our summer periods. Bariloche, the best known of the ski resorts, is about one thousand miles west of Buenos Aires. It overlooks lakes and is surrounded by evergreen forests.

Figure 8.1 shows the major gateway cities of South America, which also happen to include nearly all of the major capitals. Nonstop routes are scheduled between the cities shown and the cities in North America. Caracas is the capital and gateway to Venezuela. Bogota is high in the mountains and is Colombia’s capital and major city. Quito is Ecuador’s capital; Guayaquil, its major port. Lima is the center of power and capital of Peru. La Paz, at twelve thousand feet, is the highest of capital cities of any importance, seat of government of Bolivia.

Habitant. 1 A vassal of a seigneur under the feudal Best travel USA system. Used in both France and French colonial Canada. 2 A settler of French descent in Best travel USA either Canada or Louisiana. Half-way Covenant. An attempt by the Puritans to resolve a crisis of faith and increase church membership.

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