First order of business, buy extra warm gear. because it is far colder and wetter then we anticipated here here in Patagonia. So, everyone stopped here at the outdoor store to buy more winter gear. Looks like I am buying myself some pants. That is what happens when you come unprepared. You end up buying pants. Good morning nature. Hello and welcome to Torres del Paine National Park here in the south of Chile, called Patagonia, which which refers to the whole southern tip of Chile and Argentina. This is the start of my Patagonia trekking trip with Intrepid Travel. And this is my friend Nomatic Matt who will be joining me. Are you excited Matt? Oh, yes. Look at that. So beautiful. Now the exact multiday trek we will be doing is called the W trek. It is the most famous and the most popular here in Torres del Paine.


The bus needs new shocks. Once in the park our group of 10 hopped on the catamaran and it was off to our first stop. Alright so we have arrived at our first campsite here in Paine Grande. This is where we are going to be spending 2 nights here at Torres del Paine National Park. These are various, well not exactly these tents, we are going to be setting up our tents. But, first we wanted to get in a quick hike this afternoon. We are just having lunch and packing up our day bag. Look what is in our backyard. That is an amazing view Lets hope the weather stays good. It is super, super windy here and you’ll probably notice or have noticed by now. It is about 5 km there, 5 km back. That is some mountain fresh water right there. Way to Mordor. Just kidding. Its Mirador. Alright, it is the end of hiking Day 1 and it was a good day, a simple day. We hiked from here Paine Grande all the way to Grey Lookout. That was the grey glacier that we saw. Yea, day 1 done. Done. Tomorrow we are going up there. So, that is the plan. From Paine Grande all the way to the French Valley. So yea, there we go. We are all settled into the tent and I am going to go get ready for dinner.

I’ve changed into somewhat cleaner clothing and I think I am going to go get ready for dinner Oh, my hair. We are just going to ignore that. Dinner. So excited for food. 2:10 in the morning And I can’t sleep. The craziest thing is that you can hear the wind coming, you can hear it go though all the tents It’s like roaring though all the tents before it gets to our tent. This is one of the craziest wind I have ever experienced What is this. I decided I can’t sleep since the wind is keeping me up, I might as well go to the washroom. Casual washroom walk. After sleeping in a tent, it is so awesome that there is a cafeteria and I don’t have to cook food in the morning. And its warm. Two bits of it is. I have coffee warm and I got porridge or oatmeal that is warm. That’s pretty exciting even though I think it is going to be sunny and hot today. But, right now it is not. SO I am going to enjoy m hot breakfast in the cafeteria And we’ll see how the rest of the day progresses. So today we are going to hike to French Valley. This is what we are going to do. We are going to hike 7.6 km, 2 and a half hours to Camp Italiano, then another hour, hour and a half to where our friend stays, then we are going to turn around and come back Wait, is it edible or is it poisonous? So edible. Talking about the fires that happen here in the provincial park, they had a couple of major fires and it burned little bits of it. You can see little bits of the trees. So the moral of the story is, don’t start forest fires in national parks. Don’t do it. Because this is what happens Cuts inventory. I got that one and I got that one. That one was from the boat, da 1, and that one was from a branch. Clearly I waked right into. Very difficult mountain climbing.

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