Welcome to New York City hey guys we are top of the Empire State Building right now.

And today weirdo its floor in New York, this is the third time. I’ve been here. And each time.

I try to do different things. So today we’re gonna do some of the things. I haven’t done before which is includes this at Empire State Building.

A DAY in NEW YORK Photo Gallery

And the view even though, it’s a bit cloudy. And, it’s probably gonna rain later technically that’s the top of the Empire State Building, but as, you can see there’s no real point going up there because clouds sidenote this mother though. And no line although women literally rectify it of the High Line which is convenient one of the largest growth markets in North America the world.

And, it’s full of shops. And food. And other shops, but let’s do that definitely not food.

I know, it’s not Christmas time, but yeah this is. So pretty. I could literally spend all day in here in Turkey other shops eating all the various different types of food, but alas, you along with our New York exploring.

So let’s head out. I love it that is. So cool look at this globe any time there are globes involved.

I’m in my happy place and, this is actually the inspiration behind the Daily Planet Superman globe now, you know there’s little trivia back for, you all right. I might have lied to slightly IMDB someplace. I have them before and, this is the highlight what the High Line is actually old freight railway tracks that have been decommissioned.

And now transformed into an urban park which is full of boardwalks. And, it’s really awesome sits like it spends what eight blocks, it’s become like the number one thing to do here in New York City outside of x squared which is the number one tourist attraction here in city. I think one of the coolest parts about the High Line is, you can still see the railway tracks which looks all like urban.

And and like oh grown ruins really the New York City it actually sounds very romantic it is really romantic sometimes. I love really popular tourist attractions thinkin. So many people share, you even though everybody has their camera literally everybody has a camera.

And everybody’s taking selfies that sounded weird. So. I’m at the corner of 52nd in Lexington to look up a subway grate guys there is supposed to be the most famous Subway grades in the world on this corner the one Marilyn Monroe is like the little skirt flip, you know that like super iconic like skirt thing that she did in the white dress girls be on this corner, but as, you can see, this is 52nd in Lexington.

And that’s 52nd in Lexington. And that’s also. And that’s also 52nd in Lexington.

So guys. I figured out, it’s this subway great that’s one here. And from the French restaurant not one big house this trip would have been away we are currently at Green acre park it is one of the many pocket parks here in New York City.

And by pocket parks. I mean tiny little mini sites parkinsonian white seven acres crazy. And as, you can see in here behind, you there is a certain special feature here alright guys.

So just throw out to the Port Authority bus terminal here because we are saying goodbye to New York. And College Boston as. I will be taking the great hung bus to Boston I’m.

So excited. I’ve never been before traveling by bus has to be hands-down one of the most affordable. And convenient ways to travel Wi-Fi powered seats toilets.

I mean chief. We’ll be in Boston in no time where this post will be continued. ?

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