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A signpost indicates you have left Polegate 9 miles behind – Best country to visit in June somehow it seems less. A signpost also points the way up to Horam’s main street Best country to visit in June , effectively a right fork off the course of the Cuckoo Trail but proceeding virtually parallel with the trail itself. Turn left at the T-junction at the end to continue your detour into Horam. The village is pleasant – there is a good shop and a transport cafe which should satisfy your appetite and your thirst – but unremarkable save for the large cider press by the main road which belongs to the makers of Merrydown cider. Unlike at Hellingly, there is no trace of the station which at various times has been known as Horeham Road for Waldron (Waldron being a hamlet a few miles away), Horeham Road and Waldron, and Waldron and Horeham Road. Try remembering and reciting that after a visit to the Merrydown cider press .

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