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I gave them a quick burst of Engelbert Humperdinck’s Please release Wuhan Travel me, let me go’. In the morning the tour guide proudly took us to see Wuhan Travel the latest thing in mechanical sheep-shearing. I watched the two shearers at work for a few minutes, puzzling as to what kind of Tibetan throwbacks they could be. Their well-tanned skin was only slightly lighter than the rest. But the skill and- speed of their work set them apart, and I began to suspect they must be Australians, until one of them stepped back to let a Tibetan take over and I discovered that they were home lads from the north of England. One of them, John, explained how the Tibetans traditionally work by laying the sheep down and working from the top.

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Whenever I asked at public security offices people shook their heads Guangzhou Travel about Kumbum and said that they didn’t know where it was. After pulling out my photocopies Guangzhou Travel of old maps I eventually located Kumbum not far from Xining. I discovered it is still a functioning lamasery, now called Taer’si and it had been opened in the last three months. I felt that the tracks were finally coming together. Local buses go to Taer’si from Xining every hour, leaving when full. The one I boarded was almost full and among the passengers were several Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims.

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