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Detroit’s Parklands: The Complete GuideSim-merman, Nancy. Seattle: The Mountaineers Books.

Discover Southeast Alaska with Pack and PaddlePiggot, Margaret. Seattle: The Mountaineers Books.

55 Ways to the Wilderness in South Central AlaskaNienhueser, Helen and Simmerman, Nancy. Seattle: The Mountaineers Books, 1985.

Glacier Bay National ParkDuFresne, Jim. Seattle: The Mountaineers Books.

Hiker’s Guide to AlaskaSwensen, Evan and Margaret. Helena, MT: Falcon Press.

INFORMATION ABOUT STATE PARK CAMPGROUNDS Alaska Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation, P.O. Box 107001, Anchorage, AK 99510.


Alaska Regional Office, National Park Service, 2525 Gambell Street, Room 107, Anchorage, AK 99503; (907)271-2643.

INFORMATION ABOUT PUBLIC LANDS IN ALASKA Alaska Public Lands Information Center, 605 West 4th Avenue, Suite 105, Anchorage, AK 99501; (907)271-2737.

STATE HIGHWAY MAP AND TRAVEL INFORMATION Alaska Division of Tourism, Box E, Juneau, AK 99811; (907)465- 2010.

1722 A conference takes place in September at Albany, attended Detroit Map Tourist Attractions by delegates from New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, who meet with members of the Five Detroit Map Tourist Attractions Nations. The agreement reached between the colonists and the Iroquois stipulates that the native peoples will have freedom of travel throughout the region and will refrain from attacking any of the tribes to the south, reflecting the colonists’ goal of intertribal stability along their frontiers. 1727 The colony extends its frontier defenses with the construction of Fort Oswego, on the Niagara frontier at the site of a two-year-old trading post. 1728 Governor Burnet is transferred to Massachusetts. After a three-year interregnum, William Cosby will receive royal appointment as governor of New York (his only apparent qualification is his being a favorite of the Duke of Newcastle). Cosby’s administration, as was the case with many of his predecessors, is marked by corruption and controversy.

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