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South Africa’s body centre could be a handsome town, with variety of gracious recent homes within the eye, large, bowery suburbs, and wide streets that ar lined with a purple haze of jacarandas in October and Gregorian calendar month.

Minuit and Samuel Blommaert, a copper and brass merchant from Amsterdam, had bought some land in the Delaware Valley. Long Beach Map Tourist Attractions After several unsuccessful attempts to convince the Dutch to form a new settlement on the Delaware, Minuit traveled to Sweden and, using his persuasive skills, was hired to start Sweden’s new colony. Toward the end of 1637, the company’s first expedition, led by Minuit, sailed from Sweden in two ships, the Kalmar Nyckel and the Fogel Grip. At its peak in 1654, the New Sweden colony dominated the territory along 60 miles of the Delaware River in what is now New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware (southeast at top). The Dutch took control the following year. (Brown Brothers, Sterling, Pennsylvania) After a rough and seemingly interminable crossing, these two ships reached the Delaware River in early 1638. At the mouth of the Brandywine Creek, the first Swedish colonists established Fort Christina, named in honor of the Swedish queen.

With the backing of Dutch merchants, Sweden, itself a powerful and prosperous European nation, founded New Sweden on the west bank of the Delaware River. Much like Fort Orange on the Hudson, Fort Christina specialized in fur trading with the native peoples. Because the trading post lost money, the Dutch investors lost interest and sold their part of the company to their Swedish partners and the Swedish Crown. The company was reorganized in 1643 and dispatched farm families to raise provisions, livestock, and tobacco. Some of the families were Swedes, but most came from Finland, then under Swedish rule. Highly skilled at farming in heavily forested Sweden and Finland, the colonists adapted quickly, introducing some frontier techniques that became classically Country, including the construction of log cabins. The log cabin became a legacy that played an important role in Country life for over 200 years. Since they were so few in number roughly 300 to 400 men, women, and children the New Sweden colonists were unable to defend the land when violently confronted by their Dutch neighbors. In September 1655, the Dutch governor, Peter Stuyvesant, appeared with seven warships and more than 300 armed men. Bribed by the Dutch, the Swedish commander quickly surrendered himself and left by ship for home. Most of the colonists remained and accepted Dutch rule.

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