Tour Guide Asia – A Rich Cultural Experience

Asia is one the most amazing continents, it’s full of rich culture, history and colors. It has the world’s largest population and has several diverse cultures living in it, with different traditional and moral values. Asia comprises the amalgamation of various different countries in terms of language, religion, culture and tradition. The special countries of this continent are: India the land of spices and tradition, Singapore the city of light, Thailand the land of the beaches, China the land of the dragon. Ever since I was a child reading the about different Asian countries and their rich culture and history always amazed me. I always felt excited and had a dream to visit this remarkable continent. This year I have planned to start my New Year by touring Asia. So as soon as I made my mind, I got my business class flights to India booked because I wanted to start my tour of Asia by visiting India first. You will find it amazing to know that every country in Asia is a continent itself, because of the variety and vastness which it offers. Therefore, it’s not easy for a person to travel around Asia in a single trip. I divide my tour to Asia into three parts: the Indian Sub-Continent, Asia Pacific and South East Asia. Journey To The Indian Sub-Continent India is just not a country; it is a continent which offers variety of traditions and cultures. Starting from the freezing peaks of the Himalayas to the lush green landscapes of Kerala, India has an expansive range of natural sceneries, language, culture and occasions. Visiting India and walking around its streets you will find people of different castes and skins from fair skinned and bright color turban wearing Punjabis to the dark-sinned Tamils, you will see a number of people who differ from each other. You will come across temple rituals which are being performed since the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs and onion-domed mosques which are present from the time when Taj Mahal was just a dream. Speaking of Taj Mahal it is one the world’s most wonderful building and is one of the cheapest places where you can spend your vacation. Journey To The Asia Pacific The countries of Japan, Korea and China are considered as the Asia Pacific due to their financial stability. Touring in Asia Pacific is a very different experience from the Indian Subcontinent, people from all over the globe travel to this part of the world to earn money. But these countries are not only about earning money they offer a lot more, China is a country full of rich history standing in the modernized China with skyscrapers you can’t ignore the stone lions which were built three-thousand years ago. Japan on the other hand is a totally new experience anyone who has sipped sake or eaten sushi knows what I’m talking about.

This country is a new experience for everyone it is an archipelago of around 6800 volcanic islands yet it is a land of ancient history and Gods, but is up-to-date with the current technology, fashion trends and style. The Korean peninsula is more of a surprise in the Asia Pacific slice it, is the land of rice paddies, red-hot cuisine, misty mountains and dynamic cities. Every year, millions of tourists are attracted to visit this part of the world due to its diverse cultural heritage. Journey To South East Asia When you travel to Asia, it’s very hard to ignore a couple of countries which are present in the South East Asia. These countries are Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore. Many of them are considered as the variety is the spice of life because traveling from one country to the other one is very cheap.That is why this part of the Asian continent attracts a lot of travelers every year. This part of the Asian continent has many countries like the ones mentioned above to be explored as they offer several new experiences. When you travel to Asia I would recommend that you hire a professional tour guide who can help you in exploring new places and enlighten you with ancient tales to make your trip charming and memorable.

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