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When you reach the road, simply turn left to arrive Gilbert town Subway Map at the church, a comparatively small building but quite dignified in its own way, and towering Gilbert town Subway Map proudly above the meadows beside the Adur. The exact date of the founding of the church is not known, but it is of Saxon origin and is believed to date back to about 950. The south wall of the nave and chancel arch and wall are Saxon, and date from the original construction. In the south wall of the nave there is one pre-Norman window and the headstone of another.

Some traces of Saxon painting remain on the chancel arch; one figure that can be made out is that of an abbot, possibly St Botolph himself, but in years gone by the arch must have been a colourful sight indeed. The original north wall was removed in around 1250 when an aisle was added to accommodate the increasing population, and a little later the Saxon apse was replaced with the present chancel and the small tower was added.

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