10-Hour Layover in Taipei Taiwan

Like to keep the glucose page here we go crazy with young people fighting after the Battle of high tunnel, and into annoying you should nail it to emigration now you’ll find the bus or train in the taipei we at the assigned busting city that’s what we want the money I got 40 bucks you modern okay I clean new people thank you / mother I saw up top we found us we found a damn about the unit by car. But it’s travina hi Lamine my local guide for the day to you something to eat we think I won in practice how good to me add a little context to the story I had about 6 hours in total to explore Taipei. So I connected with my local friend Jelena to maximize my long rails, and she welcomed me at breakfast a few local trees giving a little gift what’s the name of this this is Canton’s of how I felt, I’m its traditional Taiwanese breakfast with cold Sun twine nice : rice ball Drive fork rings it’s really late yeah I keep crackers, and eat garlic do you like it very strong flavor strong garlic flavor that’s pretty good you like these texts yes I love it when I kind of I always bring it with me, and people like to sit next to you.

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Time-Pressed: How To Make The Best Of Your Layover in Taipei

Oh yeah Wow green tea passion food that’s an easy one yam, and pearl barley milk this one’s a flaky scallion pancake, and this one is the egg pancake this is really good like a scrambled eggs inside of a great a little chewy sweet HD pops with it you say like if like an egg please beer green onions a scrambled egg, and a buttery tortilla around it really good great little breakfast like my first impression Taiwan where we offer that Taipei 101 here we come they were job the world passenger elevator very sexist, and both are they go by mob cuz our custome dark rum bum you dog thank you that was good, and your Ziva pop my look at this you have to use your imagination just a little bit. Because it’s a cloudy, and rainy day. But the Green Hill is in the background, and the rivers coming through the city I can tell it’s a beautiful beautiful place when it’s sunny outside, and the architecture is very futuristic, and really cool we have stadium coming up right there is winding high-rise architecture over here with a complete with a helicopter pad on top really cool the building shakes.

Secrets to Surviving a Boring Layover in Taipei (TPE)

Because of this this this giant ball absorbs the shake of an earthquake that is engineering genius, and absolutely insane whoa, and then over here is an eagle all right we have a lot of 45 min away for the restaurant we’re going to walk around with hemolysis I say one on one time I say when a long ball is going to go get some free samples mango jelly Wow all right, and good fortune, and of course each vinegar beef jerky always away after a bunch of free appetizers in the Taipei 101 building we found a nearby restaurant food court for one last meal what is it title vegetable mouth school mouth you dip it in that time all right, and some beef, and or right oh yes before you got there porkchop yeah for porkchop jackpot ginger thank you to post on social spoon of chopped the Hakka yeah changer again, and it is. But you need to be very careful.

12 Hours in Taiwan: An Expert’s Guide to the Best Layover Ever

Because it has the soup inside okay dear oh man spoon beautiful that I thought about oh my god the ginger Christina the norm for stew inside of that dumpling that is melted in my mouth that’s one the best thing that are you finishing off little pork chop take that off he might have been placed in a food court in taipei this is the kind of spread together unbelievable I need more time here goodbye hi thank you so much there we go just like that, I’m back at the airport after a great day in Taipei I literally just got a little taste of the country enough for me to want more immediately. But until that time, I’m off to Japan see you guys there what’s the name of these guys dan Tootie yes gotta do that hi tail all that time you can’t really see that very well can you look here taipei 101.

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