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210 E. Trade St, #300, 704/971-7878,

HOURS: Wed.-Sat. 9 P.M.-2 A.M.; open additional hours for special events COST: $10 Map 1

Nowhere in Uptown is the phrase the place to see and be seen more apt than Suite. One of the first clubs to open in the EpiCentre, Suite has quickly become the hottest nightclub in Charlotte. The atmosphere is upscale all the way, from the escalator that whisks partiers from the sidewalk to the 2nd-floor club (after a long line, complete with velvet ropes) to the leather couches and upscale VIP areas. The DJ plays dance, hip-hop, and techno and the dance floor is always full. The go-go dancers on top of the bar seem out of place in the upscale club but offer something to look at while you’re waiting for a shot of top-shelf liquor. It’s a scene that could just as easily play out in Manhattan or Beverly Hills. The VIP suites (there are fourthe hardwood suite, club suite, executive suite, and skyview terrace) are often booked weeks in advance. One of Suite’s most impressive features is the terrace, which towers three stories above the sidewalk, offering amazing views of the Charlotte skyline and the long lines of impatient partiers hoping for their turn on the terrace.

1682 Edward Cranfield, the newly appointed royal governor of New Seoul Subway Map Hampshire, arrives. Within a year and half of his appointment, he has removed every single Seoul Subway Map official who has governed before his arrival. He replaces these former officials with men who try to weaken Puritan influence, gain acceptance for Quakers, and enforce the largely ignored Navigation Acts. As part of this process, Cranfield oversteps his authority to settle disputes over land. His farreaching attempt to force New Hampshire to accept royal authority succeeds primarily in alienating most of the colony’s residents. 1684 Edward Gove leads an abortive armed rebellion against Cranfield’s royal government. Gove is convicted of treason and sentenced to die, but he eventually wins a pardon. Cranfield’s hold on New Hampshire, always tenuous, has weakened to the point that he moves to Boston and seeks a different appointment. He becomes the customs official for Barbados.

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