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Hey from Rome today, I’m going to the Colosseum really excited I just need to find the way okay now, I’m gonna go up a level gonna be. So pretty some very steep stairs. So about getting into the Colosseum what I did yesterday was I got a ticket to the forum, and it was 12 euros for the 12 euros the ticket is good for two days, and then you can visit the Colosseum tomorrow or vice-versa. So it’s about six euros per thing which I think it’s pretty good, and as you can see behind me it is pretty empty right now which is extremely rare for other Colosseum, and I got here at I think 7:45 in the morning the Colosseum opens at 8:30, and that was with me waiting in the line already having the ticket. So I definitely recommend that you get here early to avoid, and of the crowded atmosphere of it oh this was such a great view right or incentive to get here early that isn’t even the start of the lines, and look how far back it goes can’t even see how far back it goes no I think I finished my visit to the Colosseum I am actually going to walk around it one more time, and this time just not taking any photos or posts. Because I I really feel like it’s such a special epic place that I want to be sure I really take in.

Colosseum Getting Asked Out More Stories in Rome Photo Gallery

But I love it here definitely worth the visit if you’re in room of course feel like everyone knows that I’ve gotta know still just. So happy from my visit. Because uh I really loved it so much get start to you today down the tanks pedestrians do right now it’s a lot of cafes, and shops wait I think that I around the corner from the Trevi Fountain. Because I hear water, and I know, I’m close to it. So Jennifer Corinne said that, I’ll come back through that’s a big really strange happen. So there was a security guard in front of the building, and he kind of said something to me to stop. So I stopped, and I thought he was gonna say like you aren’t allowed to post here or something.

But then he’s sort of like chatting to be in asking me out, and I was like no no. So I went away, and he was very persistent he followed me which I have on post he followed me, and was insisting that I give him his phone my phone number yeah, and I hope that no one luck into the building he was supposed to be guarding with Molly was away chatting. Because he was not he was not anywhere near the doors don’t you have to go to your job guarding your building you need that you need to move I well I have one. But it doesn’t work internationally. But if you can call you doesn’t work there no no it doesn’t work sorry these Italian guy having such a great time walking around the Sun in Rome is quite strong. But I have found a perfect kind of cure for getting really hot when you’re walking in the Sun for a while, and I definitely recommend it it’s that whenever you get too hot you just stop, and get some gelato, and it seems to be working okay, and found these ruins behind me. So even though, I’m not doing Vatican today in terms of exploring it, and really going inside for some tickets that I need to obtain for something exciting tomorrow I need to go.

So, I’m headed there now and, I’m really excited. Because I count the Vatican is another country. So it’ll be my eighth country I think, I’ll be there like three minutes right here we’re in Italy I can have such a great story. So we were outside the church where you have to buy the tickets to go to the important event that we’re trying to go to tomorrow. But the church closed early. Because of holiday. So it looks like we were not gonna be able to get tickets to this once-in-a-lifetime event, and we were just kind of standing there, and then these guys just heard that we were trying to get in, and they volunteered to give us extra tickets, and you’re like is this real.

But yeah, and they gave us extra tickets. So we just happened to be standing next to them, and they happened to hear that we were trying to go in, and we have tickets now to this exciting event that you’ll see tomorrow walking down to the Tiber River which sounds. So ancient it’s a beautiful river the color is really light greenish blue this magnificent city everywhere I’ve never felt. So historic in any city before these quite overgrown steps through more ruins came up this hill, and found the most amazing view of the ruins in the ancient area of Rome for a costume absolutely stunning, and definitely a great end to an amazing day. So I will end today here see you tomorrow bye.

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