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The confessours do declare what they know of the said prisoner Belarus Map Tourist Attractions ; and We moved further into the basement, in the opposite direction of the exit. To our surprise, there was another stairway. It was rickety, and seemingly abandoned leading to an ancient door that was blocked off. Matt considered the possibility the stairway may have been used during prohibition. It certainly was old enough for that to be possible.

Matt began another series of EVP questions near the abandoned stairs. The questions resulted in dead air. If there was something down here, it was gone. Our time in the basement had ended and we went upstairs. Before leaving, I placed my audio recorder where the shadow had been seen then bid a fond adieu to the hairy-legged spider and his ugly family.

Stairs that led to nowhere.

Our investigation continued in the bar and game room. Bev and Melanie’s group headed to the third floor, their first stop the bathroom. It was here the woman had supposedly been killed by her jealous boyfriend or husband. Bev placed her audio recorder on the sink.

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