International Buses for Paraguay

Paraguay is serviced by many international buses from neighboring countries. Varying levels of services are available. Though names vary by company, in general, semi cama seats recline at about a 130° angle and cama seats recline at about 160°. Some companies offer ejecutivo suite seats that recline 180°. Higher priced services also include nicer bathrooms and better and more frequent meals. Most Paraguayan bus companies require purchase in person (or with passengers’ ID) and will not make advanced reservations. Peak travel times requiring advanced purchases are Christmas, New Years, Easter week, and winter school vacation (varying weeks in July). All companies have offices in Asuncion’s bus terminal (see Terminal de Omnibus).

At border crossings, bus drivers will collect passenger IDs and give them to immigration officials. Some bus companies do not allow luggage in the passenger section until after passing immigration so make sure your travel documents and valuables are on hand. When you disembark for immigration controls, take personal possessions with you, and note the number of your bus (there are often several buses from the same company). ID’s are returned as passengers re-board the bus after passing through immigration.

Buses to/from Argentina

Buses to Argentina cross from Puerto Falcon (near Asuncion) to Clorinda or from Encarnacion to Posadas.

Crucero del Norte Tel: 021 559 087, 5411 5258 5000 (Argentina),

www. crucerodelnorte. com. ar

Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion Tel: 021 289 1000, 5411 4311 7666 (Argentina), www. nsa.

La Encarnacena Tel: 021 555 077, 021 555 862, 5411 4313 2393 (Argentina), www. laencarnacena.

Buses to/From Brazil

Buses to Brazil cross from Pedro Juan Caballero to Ponta Pora or from Ciudad del Este to Foz do Iguazu. Less transited crossings include Salto del Guaira to Guaira in northeastern Paraguay and Bella Vista del Norte to Bela Vista in northern Paraguay.

Pluma Tel: 021 551 758, 0800 6460300 (Brazil),

Catarinense Tel: 021 551 738, 0800 470 470 (Brazil),

Buses to/from Bolivia

Buses to Bolivia cross from Mayor Infante Rivarola to Villa Montes and then on to Santa Cruz, Bolivia, however it is important to note that the immigration office is located in Mariscal Estigarribia (see Crossing Into Bolivia).

Stel Turismo Tel: 021 551647, 591 03343 388 (Bolivia)

Yacyreta/TransSuarez (operated by Nuestra Senora de Asuncion) Tel: 021 289 1000, 551 725, 591 03343 388 (Bolivia),

Border Crossings

Travelers with Mercosur IDs (Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, and Argentina) can cross freely between countries – as a result most public transportation crossing borders will not automatically stop at immigration controls. Even tour operators have been known to breeze past border controls. As a foreigner, it is your responsibility to make sure your passport is stamped both when entering and exiting the country – border agents will charge the official fine of Gs. 360,000 (or may ask for a bribe) if any irregularities with passport stamps are discovered. Keep in mind many immigration offices in less popular border crossings are closed for lunch and on the weekends (in many cases you will still be able to physically cross the border but won’t have an official exit stamp to show for it). It

is best to call ahead of time and make sure they are open. For more information about specific crossings contact the main immigration office in Asuncion (see Visa Extensions and Immigration).

The following is a list of official border crossings most transited by tourists. More information is provided in each respective city’s section. Though there are other, smaller border crossings throughout the country, these are mostly used by locals and do not count with immigration facilities.

Puerto Falcon – Clorinda, Argentina

About an hour by bus from Asuncion, this border is popular with Paraguayans looking to buy merchandise in Clorinda. All international buses stop to clear customs and immigration. There are also several mini-buses that run from the border to Asuncion with stops at the bus terminal and Mercado Cuatro. Tel: 021 499 140

Encarnacion – Posadas, Argentina

Regular city bus services operate between the bus terminals of Encarnacion and Posadas. The immigration office is located at the foot of the San Roque Gonzalez de Santa Cruz bridge. Tel: 071 202 253, 071 206 286

Pilar – Resistencia, Argentina

A ferry crosses the Paraguay River from the Port of Pilar to Puerto Colonia Cano in Argentina daily. From there, one can catch buses to the cities of Resistencia, Formosa, and Corrientes. Tel: 086 32507

Ciudad del Este – Foz do Iguagu, Brazil & Puerto Iguazu, Argentina

Technically this involves going through Brazil first, though tourists without Brazilian visas can take direct buses from CDE’s terminal to Puerto Iguazu’s terminal that bypass Brazilian immigration. The immigration office is located at the foot of the Puente de Amistad Bridge. Tel: 061 512 417

Presidente Franco/Puerto Iguazu, Argentina (by ferry)

A regular ferry service is available from the Puerto Hito Tres Fronteras, a short distance from Ciudad del Este in the city of Presidente Franco, to the port of Puerto Iguazu.

Pedro Juan Caballero/Ponta Pora, Brazil

There is no official border crossing between the two cities, which are divided by one large main road. In order to get stamped out of Paraguay you must go to the immigration office at the southern end of town and then head to a separate building several blocks away in Ponta Pora to get stamped in to Brazil. Tel: 03431 6312, 03362 72195, Naciones Unidas 144

Mariscal Estigarribia/Mayor Infante Rivarola – Villamontes, Bolivia

The immigration office for those traveling on the Trans Chaco Highway to Bolivia is located at Mariscal Estigarribia, well before the actual border with Bolivia at Mayor Infante Rivarola. Tel: 0494 247 315, Ruta Trans Chaco km 530

Bahia Negra – Puerto Busch, Bolivia & Corumba, Brazil

Carmelo Peralta is the northernmost immigration control office along the Paraguay River. However, for those traveling by boat, it is best to get your exit stamp before boarding in Concepcion, as the boat will not wait for you in Carmelo Peralta. Another option for those worried about timing is

to attempt to get your exit stamp in Asuncion, explaining your travel situation. For more information about this crossing see Obtaining Exit-Stamps Before Continuing to Bolivia and Brazil. Tel: 0972 193143, corner of Presidente Franco and Pedro Juan Caballero.

Capitan Carmelo Peralta – Porto Murtinho, Brazil

The Aquidaban boat drops passengers off at Isla Margarita from which you can take small water taxis across to Carmelo Peralta as well as to Porto Murtinho.

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