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0.0 Walk up the service road towards Tettegouche Camp. In 600 feet, pass the trail to Lax Lake on the right.

0.7 Trail intersection and the start of the circuit portion of this hike. Turn right onto the narrow hiking trail, leaving the road that continues ahead, and the trail to the left on which you will return to this point. The trail wanders through a predominately oak-maple forest.

0.9 A spur trail to the left leads to Tettegouche Lake Overlook in 145 feet. The main trail continues straight ahead.

1.2 The trail to the right descends steeply to the shore of Lax Lake in 0.3 mile.

1.3 Spur trail to the right leads to Lax Lake Overlook in 200 feet.

1.6 Spur trail to the right leads to Cedar Lake Overlook in 200 feet.

2.7 Trail intersection; turn left passing the trail to Palisade Valley on the right.

2.8 Spur trail on the left leads to the shore of Floating Bog Bay in 200 feet.

3.0 The Palisade Valley Trail comes in sharply on the right as you reach the service road and Tettegouche Camp (47° 20′ 47.7″ N 91 ° 15′ 40.6″ W). The circuit hike continues on the Mount Baldy Trail on the other side of the road.

4.1 Trail intersection; the circuit continues on the trail to the left. The trail to the right leads to another trail intersection in 100 feet, where you bear right on a spur trail to reach the top of Mount Baldy in 0.3 mile. There are panoramic views of Mic Mac and Nicado lakes from the summit (47° 21′ 33.1″ N 91° 16′ 1.5″ W).

4.7 Trail intersection with the service road completing the circuit portion of this hike. Turn right and hike down the road to the trailhead.

5.4 Trailhead.

1638 The first permanent European settlement in present-day Delaware 10 best US cities to visit occurs when a joint Dutch-Swedish trading corporation, the New Sweden Company, begins construction of 10 best US cities to visit Fort Christina (named for Sweden’s young queen). The colony is funded by the Dutch and run initially by Peter Minuit but most of the colonists are Swedes. In 1641, Swedish investors buy out the last of the Dutch stockholders. 1643 Johan Printz becomes governor of New Sweden. He will govern for a decade and oversee the high point of the colony of New Sweden. By the end of his tenure in 1653, he has assured the survival of New Sweden and its cultural distinctiveness, even though it will eventually be surrounded and overtaken by other colonies.

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