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What continues to baffle us is the mystery surrounding the fire that consumed the Campbell’s barn. Is there someone trying to reach out from the other side, eager to finally let the truth be known?

Whatever remains at Cobblestone Farm, one thing is certain; this home on Packard Road will remain forever a part of the Ticknor, Booth and Campbell families. Where once it was the families that brought the home life, it is the now the home that brings them life. This is certainly part of what makes Cobblestone Farm such a remarkable and cherished place in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Story Six: Perry’s Grand Arlington Hotel

201 South Linn St., Bay City, MI Password: mmm201 Investigative Team:

Mid Michigan Paranormal Investigators

There was something different about Perry’s Grand Arlington Hotel as we approached from South Linn Street, not because of the size. It isn’t a particularly large building. It wasn’t because of the architecture, which is traditional nineteenth century. It was simply a sense that there was more to this former hotel, now pub, than its understated appearance revealed.

My eyes were drawn to the third floor and one particular window. It was boarded up. Perhaps that’s what brought it to my attention. Or it might have been my thoughts of Emory Fritz. Emory was just 42 years old when he jumped to his death from a third floor room on a hot August day in 1910.

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