Best Travel Value Destinations

Best Travel Value Destinations

The questions from our two children throughout our entire stay at the resort and tours of the Magic Kingdom were endless; and, the experience the entire family as a whole enjoyed as a result was thereby greatly enhanced.

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The learning on the part of each of us was unbelievable. In fact, we learnt quite a bit both individually and together.

For its part, Barefoot Bay was a tropical sea with several beaches. It boasted a Cay in the middle of it with bridges on either side; all kinds of boating activities and birds; and, as often and as much as we could, we would sit at the back of our suite – or, the food court at Old Port Royale – and take in the sights and the sounds.

For my part, I had seen lakes of all sizes and shapes in Canada. First look at the one at our resort; and, I was automatically reminded of the similar size Lake Couchiching in Toronto, just north of Lake Simcoe, Ontario’s fourth largest lake.

I swam and dived in Lake Simcoe in 1971 while on a private yacht party for senior personnel of the Borisko Brothers storage and haulage company. Based on my qualifications gained from taking a London School of Accountancy distance course – while I lived and taught high school students in Barbados – I had been hired as the assistant comptroller.

Though the lake had originally been called “Beautiful Water” by the indigenous folks, there was an eerie feeling as I dived in; for, the water was dark and murky. So dark and murky that I could not see more than three feet ahead of me. This caused some fear to build up in me; for, thoughts of the legendary Loch Ness monster flooded my mind.

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