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HEARTHSTONE VINEYARD & WINERY From its hilltop vantage point, Hearthstone Burkina Faso Subway Map Vineyard offers sweeping westward views of neighboring farms and the Santa Lucia Mountains. Mature pines and live Burkina Faso Subway Map oaks shade the wooded site, and a weathered fertilizer wagon in the parking area hints at the region’s agrarian history. Opened in 2009, the earth-toned tasting room sports a concrete crush pad and two arched redwood doors that reveal the building’s original function as a small private winery. Stones excavated from the property and set into the lower portion of the exterior wall give the structure the look of a mountain house. At the entry, spiral juniper topiaries flank three glass panels, two of which open into the tasting room. Above the panels, a fan- light bears the winery’s sinuous logo, a Gaelic-spirited swirl of smoke rising from an unseen hearth.


Tap: The footprint of a ptarmigan and the mark a grouse’s wing made at the moment it took flight. Above: The front paw print af a black bear and a rabbit’s track.


Our Cabin on a Lake in Canada

A RUSH OF EMOTION overtook us when we suddenly emerged from the forest and found ourselves looking out over the large lake on whose surface were mirrored the snow-covered peaks of the surrounding mountains. 1 had scouted out this lake ten years before and, overcome by its beauty, promised myself that I would return someday to build a cabin nearby. What child has not dreamt of doing so building a log cabin in a place like this, so secluded that the nearest house is more than 125 miles away and your only neighbors are bears, wolves, moose, and caribou? The large lake (some 7,500 acres in extent) opens onto a vast landscape. We set the first four pine logs for our cabin only a few yards from the water’s edge, with the forest at our backs, on a slight promontory that offered flat ground. A little farther along to our left, the lake emptied into a beautiful river whose joyous murmur tickled our ears as our eyes sought out tall, straight trees in the surrounding forest.

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