5 Things to do in Skopje Macedonia Balkan Road Trip

In the first post of our Balkan roadtrip series we explored Bulgarian Black Sea coast. We realized that golf is not really our thing as we are more into partying at the beach. In this post we’re discovering skopje in Macedonia. its fortress, cuisine and controversial statues. At the very last minute we want to withdraw money, grab a cab, by a bus tickets and take the bus to Skopje. But we gonna make it as we are experience backpackers! Dobre Den from Skopje, the capital of Macedonia! The second stop of our Balkan road trip. We’re standing on the balcony of the Unity Hostel.

5 Things to do in Skopje Macedonia Balkan Road Trip Photo Gallery

We already got introduced to the sights and things we should check out. We are heading out to show you around! The Republic of Macedonia is located right between Bulgaria and Albania. The territory of Skopje a has been inhabited since at least, BC Our first stop is the Old Bazaar which dates back to the Ottoman period. Here you’ll find mosques, markets and. hmmm. Cevapcici! The symbol of the city is the Stone Bridge which has been built in the th century, it connects the old Bazaar with the main square. There you’ll find a collection of huge monuments which caused a lot of criticism by the neighboring countries and controversy for its cost. The Kale Fortress which is located on a mountain right next to the city centre is the best possibility to see the city from above. A great spot for enjoying the sunset and having a cold Skopsko at the nearby brewery! The next country on our list is Albania! Follow us to more stunning sunsets in the next post from Tirana. Make sure to comment to this blog and check out the related travel guide! See you soon!

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