What We Do For Work When Not Travelling

Hey everybody it is mom’s birthday today.

So we’ve come up the Mandara marina taking them out for a bit of coffee maybe a better cake than if it’s too early for Kate oh yes this morning I mean spoiled yeah enjoying my son’s company. Because he traveled so much that when I do see him I take full advantage, and give him a hug, and tell him that I love him very very much and, I’m very proud of him, and I think he’d fly in the nest, and all that he does is amazing, and I know you’re blue, and happy birthday here’s another thing there we go Hey guys I just finished getting ready today Steven, and I are posting our first wedding ever last week we took photos of a wedding for the first time, and I think went really well, and I think we are probably stronger at posting. So I think it’s going to go really well today for me very long day though.

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But we’re ready to go, and while our wedding to Steven to get ready I had a look at some of your comments from yesterday’s post, and you guys sent to us some other postgers that have been to my MA, and Mongolia, and I’ve been reading some of the posts, and someone sent me this post from a girl called nematic unicorn, and she’s currently in my, and mark, and Anna source the beginning of her first post that I clicked on it, and it looks. So amazing like I have to show Steven it’s like look how beautiful this place is come check this out Steve you ready. So one of the posts I recommend to check it out that seeing the Sun Rise of the temples in my mind it’s so all the endured look at that like that look I know cos it’s so many different temples how beautiful van Gogh hot-air balloon here I want to watch it first as well though like it’s kind of cool being a spectator she said it’s super busy though yeah look at that boy is kawaii karate without tree tripod a Khan bro sit around, and on the camera, I’m ready to give post or wedding I feel like days like today you cannot make fun of us for having two copies within an hour we need it, I’m super excited about today. Because even I really want to try, and get into wedding photography, and postgraphy while we are at home I go to assignments with someone on traveling today we’re going to be vo English I feel really comfortable with, and the whole day were going to be following around the wedding in photographer, and we have a look at the work, and it is story good it’s going to be interesting like getting to watch her, and see what she does.

Because that’s one thing that we struggled with last week the only exactly sure you know how to pose or how to speak to them um you know we have really no idea we’ve only been to one or two weddings, and we didn’t really watch photography session I think it’s very really cool to learn today and, I’m really excited summer wedding I just love working wedding 6000, and we got that through hey take off thank you thank you so much it easy like end of the night like I do over there I wondered, and we were getting a wedding cake to recover 12 hours later we do the best wedding I cannot wait to see all the footage that was really good guys I don’t think we made a pretty good first post if they do not say. So myself I am, I’m sleepy, I’m so full of cake, I’m so glad I finally got to try wedding cake we’ve been to like this like this weddings as the first time we have tried cake is amazing, and Heidi systeme that cake you know that could work hard I would name I don’t know mrs. something something alrighty hey I will really see you guys tomorrow Hey guys the next day we ended up sleeping into 10 a.m. I can’t remember the last time we slept in that long I was so tired from yesterday. But we’ve decided at Sunday.

So we calm it down through Scarborough, and we just noticed this little thing going on over here, and I think it’s part of Fringe Festival, and it’s called Somerset Miranda you’re going to go have a look in there, and see if anything is on, I’m not too sure if anything really happens in the daytime there. But yes we were off to try, and find a little bit of lunch after an epic much-needed time it ends up being a bar without food. So uh we’re going to go keep having a little looking currently just a little bit obsessed with bogus Oh yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy guys we’ve been just sitting here reading the sunset, and how beautiful of the colors at the moment we were just realizing that pretty much this time last year – two days was the time that we flew back home from our one year of travel oh yeah been an entire year since our year I mean how faster this year ago life goes. So fast when you finish school like I feel like I can’t believe on 26 already I just realized it’s our 10-year school reunion this year oh my goodness how old is that sound under this I don’t know who organizes that you guys been to a 10 year reunion like, I’m pretty sure people from our school I think, I’m cool is what you need is something happening can you organize something please, and invite us how those things happen that it would be fun I believe a year or. So five that means we’ve been on mystery use now Wow. But right now it’s very quick I know right if you guys ever want to do or do something just do it I know life goes too quick to like have any regrets of not doing anything about a fire three years before we started, and about if we’d started three years ago well I’ve used memories rather than to exactly awful were like ah I need to get that more expensive camera I need that better laptop to edit I need all that stuff to start well we went into all these are two inspirational right now that’s what happens when you watch an inspirational sunset like a lot of that look at it those who do not wander lost whatever inspirational quotes if I got you honey you know just as being a trooper coming a post today. Because she’s just been I think it’s like literally we’re just not used to wedding posting like it’s really put it at like taking it out of us.

So we started editing it, and it looks. So good it’s like, I’m really feeling that when we’re home this will be like outside job is doing wedding postgraphy like I’ve completely fallen in love with that be able to watch someone special day, and post it, and create post I think I found like you know I love travel. But it’s cool to find something that we want to do when we’re home as well there’s trouble wedding post anyway travel wedding Wow if you are guys are planning a destination wedding in need a postgrapher well here I feel like this is the second time that I’ve entered the post in my working laptop chat. But is like almost midnight, and I’ve been working away at this wedding post been very excited I think, I’m going to be like turning this post around in a couple of days just. Because I spent all my time doing it however I hope you enjoyed today’s post. So it has been kind of a work day the last couple of days that we all planned some fun stuff for you this week thank you so much for reading guys, and we will see you next time that guys I don’t just get the door in the hardest time I like this ha ha.

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