Appalachian Trail Hiking Maps


With pretty pink covers, the Landranger series covers the entire British Isles in 204 sheets at a scale of 2cm to 1km (1% inches to one mile). However, they tend to be used by indolent hikers who like to leave them lying around to make it look as though they are more active than they actually are.

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This is the more serious hiker’s map. Serious because at twice the scale (4cm to 1km/2^ inches to one mile), each sheet generally covers half the area of a Landranger map, but at twice the detail. Clad in fetching psychedelic orange covers, there are 403 sheets to collect – and yes, serious hikers do collect them all. Not only that, they usually keep them filed in numerical order for ease of reference. Hikers who can lay their hands on the right sheet waste less time.

This has little to do with being methodical and more to do with following a logical sequence of steps. Having the right map in the first place dramatically reduces the risk of being temporarily misplaced.

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