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He named Printz Hall. A handsome wooden church was also Benin Map built at the same place, which Alagister Campanius consecrated, on the last great prayer-day Benin Map which was celebrated in New Sweden, on the 4th of September, 1646. Upon that place also all the most prominent freemen had their residences and plantations. Source: The Founding of New Sweden, in Old South Leaflets, Vol. IV Boston: Directors of the Old South Work, Old South Meeting House, 1898. Pennsylvania Charter of Privileges 1701 William Penn, proprietor of an extensive land grant called Pennsylvania, gave the colonists a new frame of government through the 1701 charter of privileges.

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63 miles NNE of Seahouses. The Crumstone is actually three bare rocky islands, divided by narrow channels, which give the impression from a distance of being one island. The highest part of Crumstone can be seen at all states of the tide and is home to a large colony of grey seals. It is, though, so exposed to the elements that birds seldom, if ever, nest there. The Callers, which are no more than four weed-covered rocks or islets, are dry to 2.3 metres on a low spring tide. They are the highest point of a reef which curves out from Crumstone for some 338 metres to the WNW; the reef, however, is broken by narrow channels between the four islets. All of the Farne Islands have been potential death traps to shipping, especially during the age of sail, but because of their rather remote location and surrounding depths, Crumstone and the Callers are among the most lethal. Since 1795, at least 12 known vessels have been wrecked on the three combined islets of Crumstone. A brig called Britannia (not to be confused with the steamers) was the earliest recorded vessel to come to an untimely end on 3 April 1795.

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