Best Vacation In Central America

No matter what wants to bubble up directly in front of us.(14:14)

Excuse me? All the yellows are reminding you that you have to what? Oh – parting shot as we aim back to the Lodge, parking lot, and our next big decision.(14:15)

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Meanwhile, Back at the Lodgeand on the Road Again

It was nearing three in the afternoon, so afer another pee break at the Old Faithful Lodge and Leak we headed out from the Yellow Stone complex having not seen nary a pic-a-nic basket nor buffalo through rain soaked glasses.

What’s that on the horizon as we’re leaving the park? Could it be? After driving only thirty minutes or so afer leaving Old Faithful?

Continuing, the East Calder Sewage Works are seen, built in 1960 on the creation of Livingston New Town which lies to the west of this rural world, a sprawl of40,000 inhabitants now (hence the SEPA sites). On a bit, take the bridge (signposted as a cycle way) across the feeder and gain the sturdy footbridge (Pipe Bridge, 1960) which spans the Almond. This is the end of our exploration for, just upstream from the bridge, we see the sluice and weir across the river which creates the start of the travel destination feeder. As many as two million gallons a day may be added to the travel destination. The river starts away to the west near Harthill (the well-known watershed when motoring the M8) and eventually flows into the Forth at Cramond. A reservoir, Cobbinshaw (the Companion has Barbauchly), was built in the Pentlands to provide extra water, which flows down the Bog Burn, joins the Muirieston Water, then Linhouse Water before meeting the Almond. The aqueduct crosses 22m (70ft) above the River Almond – hence the length of the feeder. It seldom flows faster than 2mph. The feeder channel here is full of monkey flower, bittersweet, greater willowherb (an aquatic cousin of the rosebay species which is also plentiful) and blue water mint. The Calderwood Country Park lies as a continuation upstream, but is perhaps best left for a visit when the travel destination does not claim all our attention.

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