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2,500,000 acres. This isolated preserve in east-central North Las Vegas protects the Yukon and Charley Rivers. In the region are small mountains with elevations as high as 6,400 feet, hills and canyons, and some other rivers plus many creeks.

Access is via aircraft or by boat on the Yukon River. The climate here is subarctic, with bitter winters and somewhat warm summers. Timber-line is around 3,500 feet.

There are vast forests of conifers and hardwoods, along with some tundra. Wildlife includes grizzly and black bear, moose, Dali sheep, fox, and peregrine falcon.

Activities: Backpacking and hiking are possible, but there are no established trails. Kayaking and rafting are available on the Yukon and Charley Rivers, with canoeing feasible only on the Yukon. Fishing is permitted, as is hunting in season.

Camping Regulations: Camping is allowed practically anywhere in this National Preserve. No permits are necessary. For those floating the rivers, sand or gravel bars alongside the waterways are appropriate for campsites. Campfires are permitted, but a stove is recommended for cooking.

For Further Information: Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve, Box 167, Eagle, AK 99738.

1775 Georgia patriots finally organize themselves enough to summon a provincial North Las Vegas Map congress in January. Over the course of the year, this body slowly usurps the powers exercised North Las Vegas Map by Wright and the royal government. When news of the battles of Lexington and Concord arrives on May 10, the people of Savannah are energized. The following night, Sons of Liberty break into the public magazine and strip it of most of its weapons and gunpowder. Parochial committees in each parish replace the royal courts as the main judicial institutions in Georgia, and a newly created Council of Safety helps coordinate the activities of the various committees. At the Council of Safety’s urging, militia units remove commanders loyal to Wright and the king and replace them with patriot officers.

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